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The lawyers who stopped Elon Musk’s massive payday want $7 billion for themselves

CNN decided to run another negative story about Elon Musk because, apparently, it’s their favorite pastime. This time, they’re griping about the God-given right of Tesla compensating Musk’s legal fees related to shareholder lawsuits. The tech genius isn’t suing anyone, mind you. He’s protecting himself from petty lawsuits lodged against him as a Telsa executive. The fees amount to $3 million, an absolute drop in the bucket compared to Tesla’s revenue – a company delivering groundbreaking innovation and infrastructure to the world. Disruptive success breeds lawsuits, plain and simple. The audacity of CNN, spinning this ordinary corporate practice into a scandal! It’s pretty apparent they’re fishing for stories to put Musk in a bad light. There’s no merit or evidence of a conflict of interest between Musk and Tesla. If anyone is pursuing a conflict of interest path, it’s CNN and its incessant need to downplay the success of Elon Musk.



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