New iPad Pro 2022 Wants To Become A Mac

Apple has just presented the renewed generation of the iPad Pro 2022, with the great novelty that it has been equipped with the M2 processor, the same one that drives the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, which means that it has the same power as these, but with the versatility of being a tablet.

While users of the new iPhone 14 are still discovering features and tools of their newly released smartphone, Apple does not want to slow down, and just a month and a half after presenting the latest iPhone, this week they have launched the new generation of iPad Pro 2022 with two versions.

From everything the company has said, it seems that this iPad is going to be the best so far, and one of the most notable aspects is going to be its performance. This is mainly due to new processor that is incorporated, the M2, they ensure that they will significantly increase performance speeds.

The two versions are almost identical, the main difference being the size of the Liquid Retina XDR screens, having one of 11 “and another of 12.9” , which will offer the user more color and brightness than ever according to Apple. How could it be otherwise, these iPads will work with the iOS 16 operating system and all the new features that it includes.

Another of the great novelties is one of the most characteristic aspects of the iPhone, the cameras. This is because the 12 Mpx front camera includes an ultra wide angle that will help give great image quality in selfies or video calls, while the front camera also includes a wide angle and an ultra wide angle. To this is added the ProRes technology that totally raises the level of the videos that are recorded.

iPad Pro 2022 with accessories
But it is no longer just the iPad itself, but also all the accessories that boost the possibilities of using this device. It stands out above all its compatibility with the Apple Pencil that turns the iPad into a sheet on which you can paint whatever you want, but it can also be connected to the Magic Keyboard and the Smart Keyboard Foli or that turns it into a laptop.

It will not be until the 26th of this month that you will be able to order the new iPad Pro 2022 , and if there is one aspect to take into account (so that you do not get scared) it is that its price almost reaches that of a Mac. total of 20 options that are differentiated by storage space and connections, and the price ranges go from 1,049 euros to 3,024 euros.

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