Junta de Castilla y León extends aid for mortgage payments to average incomes

The Junta de Castilla y León will increase to six million euros the current budget of 2.5 million for mortgage payment aid, in order to alleviate the increase in interest rates and reach average incomes, for which It will increase the income threshold up to 4 times the IPREM, plus a percentage depending on the members of the family, and will increase the maximum amount of this benefit by 16%, up to 4,053 euros per year.

The president of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, presented today, before representatives of the Third Sector, a new line of mortgage aid for families with medium and low incomes. Its objective is to strengthen the protection of families against rising prices and rising interest rates.

In Castilla y León, the Board helps families with problems to pay their mortgage with a “benefit against mortgage debt situations” that it created by law in 2018, as explained by the regional president, who has reported that the Board is going to expand via Decree-law this already existing benefit, to quickly reach more families.

The objective, according to Fernández Mañueco, is to also support middle-income earners, who today may be in a situation or at risk of defaulting on their mortgage payments.

To do this, the Board will expand the income threshold up to 4 times the IPREM, plus a percentage based on family members. For example, for a family with four members, the income threshold will go from the current 13,780 euros to 35,262 euros per year . In addition, the maximum amount of this benefit will be increased by 16%, up to 4,053 euros per year.

These improvements will mean doubling the current provision of 2.5 million euros to 6 million to help families with problems pay their mortgage.

Access to the benefit will be through the telephone of the Board for citizen attention, 012, which will put each person in contact with one of the 30 support offices for families at risk of eviction that the Board has deployed throughout the Community in collaboration with local entities. The CEAS will participate in the processing of the aid and the resolution will be issued within a maximum period of one month.

aid reinforcement
On the other hand, the president explained that a few months ago, through Decree-Law 2/2022, the Board created the figure of the Social Emergency Bonus to reach the most vulnerable families.

The Autonomous Government also reinforced and improved emergency aid, increasing the income threshold to access it and increasing the maximum amount of this benefit.

Now the Board goes a step further to reach and support middle-income families, families with work and income but who, given the current exceptional economic situation, have problems. And this support, as reported by the president, will be done through third-sector entities, which must serve as a transmission belt for the actions carried out.

Specifically, the president has assured that the subsidy will be increased by 10% and the processing will be advanced so that on January 1 they will already have it paid and at their disposal. And the subsidies charged to personal income tax will also be supplemented, with the Castilla y León Regional Government’s own money.

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