What Netflix Is Going To Do From Next Year With Shared Passwords

There is less and less left for the “bargain” of sharing the same Netflix account with several people outside your home to end. The company has been warning for several months with this intention, and this week we have been able to find out how the process is going to be and the extras to pay for sharing a password.

This year has not been the easiest for Netflix, the drop in the number of users has affected the company quite a bit, and for this reason they have had to look for new formats with which to try to attract people again while they have searched for others to generate more income.

Specifically, we are referring to the new subscription with ads , which will arrive in Spain from November 10 for 5.49 per month , and also with its new policy against the phenomenon of shared passwords. This popular technique is repeated throughout the world, and consists of a single subscription to Netflix, many people, who live in different households , use the platform.

Netflix is ​​aware of this practice and wants to end it, or at least get a slice of this method. And it is that as the company has explained, what it intends is that you cannot share a password with people who do not live in your home.

To that end, now when systems detect that an account is being used repeatedly in a non-default household, it will prompt the user to verify their account in order to use it . The company has been blunt in this situation, “Only people who live with you can use your account.”

In cases where Netflix detects this type of behavior, the company has explained that it will make each of the shared accounts pay an extra . This is not totally new, since the company has already tested it in Chile, Costa Rica and Peru, and as they have explained, they will apply this sub-account technique throughout the world at the beginning of 2023 .

It is important to note that the extra charge will not be made automatically, but first the user will be given the opportunity to transfer his history and profile to his own account (so that he does not lose the information that the recommendation algorithm has and the progress of what is being viewed).

In the event that they do not do so , the account holder will be charged an extra cost , Netflix has not announced what the price will be, but from what we know of the tests it was carrying out in some South American countries it was around 1, 66 euros per subaccount.

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