Top tips for entrepreneurs to push the envelope and attain success

The growing digitalpreneur through FAMO MEDIA, a top PR and media company, has been gradually taking over the digital space of India.

The closer people look around themselves, the more they will understand how a few dramatic changes across industries of the world have led these sectors on a constant growth pedestal. It will also lead them to know about the many astute minds and passionate souls who have propelled these industries forward with their visionary ideas and business models. However, not all entrepreneurs have been able to make it to the top with these ideas and business models.


For them, Anish Gupta of FAMO MEDIA lays out a few top tips to push the envelope and attain the success they desire in their respective entrepreneurial journeys.


  • Be passionate: People who love what they do are the ones who go ahead in becoming unique success stories, says Anish. This helps them become the man/woman of their niche. Loving what one does helps entrepreneurs give it their all, which easily attracts the right customers to their business.
  • Gain enough education: For entrepreneurs to lead their way to the top, proper education, insights, and knowledge can prove to be their greatest weapons to help them pave their path to success.
  • Never stop learning: Even after gaining the right education in a particular niche/sector, one should never stop learning and must keep gaining hands-on experience in the industry to know and understand deeper concepts of running businesses.
  • Know the meaning of progress: Progress and success mean different things to different people. Entrepreneurs must understand that comparing themselves to their contemporaries will never give them the right progress picture. Instead, they should always take their own selves as their biggest competitors.
  • Be resilient: Developing an idea, turning it into a business, running the same, and trying to find success for it can be a highly demanding task. It is thus necessary for people to stay resilient and never give up, no matter what.
  • Practice patience: Success cannot be achieved overnight, and if it does, it may never stay forever. One must keep hustling and practice patience the most to stay committed on their paths and ultimately achieve success.
  • Take the long road: Shortcuts can be too tempting, but they never lead to success that can stay. People need to often tread on challenging paths to achieve the success they desire. Also, they must try to stay in the White areas rather than the Gray and Black areas of the business world.

Anish Gupta (@anishgupta_official) can’t emphasize enough on the tips mentioned above for budding entrepreneurs to lead their way to the top.


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