Families Can Reduce The Cost Of Going Back To School By Half

The long-awaited and also dreaded back to school is here, and with it come numerous extraordinary expenses for all households. According to a survey carried out by the OCU, the average amount that was disbursed per student in school supplies during the year 2021 was 1,890 euros . Although last year the average expenditure of families fell by 100 euros compared to 2020, the cost of going back to school is still significant.

For this reason, the editors of Chollometro have wanted to carry out an analysis to determine how much Spanish families can save during their return to school. To do this, the experts in savings and smart purchases that are part of this platform have compiled the items most in demand at this time of year, comparing their real prices with the discounts that can be found on this website. In this way, it has been concluded that , by making smart purchases with offers and discounts, you can save up to 51%, which represents an average of 31% .

Here are some tips from savings experts:
Find out and plan before buying school supplies . Families buy an average of six notebooks, a folder, an agenda and a minimum of six pens and pencils each year at the beginning of the school year, according to Chollometro experts.

Planning is important to avoid making unnecessary expenses. For this reason, the editors of this offer platform recommend informing each school before buying school supplies, to avoid buying unnecessary products, as well as reviewing the materials that can be used from the previous year.

After planning what is really needed to start the course, it is advisable to compare different products to obtain the product at the cheapest price . The discounts collected by the leading offer platform in Spain allow families to save almost 40% on average on school supplies. In addition, some items such as pens, pencil cases and notebooks have more than 50% discount.

Compare and look for promotions on equipment. Basic equipment such as school bags, although they are not usually renewed every year, they are a regular expense when going back to school. For this reason, it is recommended to search for the different alternatives available in physical and online stores, comparing the opinions of users. This practice will help to find a good quality school backpack adapted to the age and needs of each child.

Although there are many models with very different prices, a backpack can cost more than 90 euros, with the average price for this item standing at 47 euros. According to savings experts, by using discount platforms such as Chollometro, families can save up to 26 euros depending on the backpack model they buy, which can reduce the cost of these products by 40%.

Advance clothing purchases . The shoes, like the uniforms and new clothes, are also highly demanded products by Spanish families during the weeks prior to the start of the course. For this reason, it is possible to find significant offers on these products during the month of August and early September.

According to the analysis carried out by the Chollometro experts, the average price of children’s sports shoes is around 46 euros. However, families that also use discount platforms during these weeks can save up to 22 euros on the purchase of these products. This represents a saving of up to 51% of the cost . It is in this type of products where you can achieve greater savings on this platform during back to school.

David Gutiérrez, head of communication and social media at Chollometro, commented that “in periods such as back to school, the number of visitors to our platform can grow up to 18%, which shows that more and more families are they make smart purchases. Chollometro has become the reference savings tool for many families, who consult the offers and discounts published by our experts and our community to save on going back to school.”

Although Spanish families spent an average of 100 euros less on school supplies during 2021 compared to the previous year, the cost of going back to school this year is expected to be considerable, as economic factors such as inflation influence. On the Chollometro platform, Spanish families can find a large number of offers and discounts that exist in physical and online stores, organized by categories. That way, they can decide on the offer that best suits their needs.

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