Oesía Will Reach 300 Jobs In Its Zaragoza Center

The technological and digital engineering company had 150 professionals before the pandemic at its headquarters in the Zaragoza capital, and now has a growth forecast that will lead it to generate new jobs to reach 300 jobs.

A staff that is expected to be reached in 2023 due to the need for Oesía to have more professionals in view of the three new lines of development that are being implemented in the center of Zaragoza, where more than 200 people currently work, which They support the entire Oesía Group in its digital product lines, sources from the multinational told elEconomista .

Within these new lines that the Spanish technological multinational contemplates for the headquarters of Zaragoza, it stands out, for example, the file management system with artificial intelligence support for the recommendation of actions of users in their daily work.

Lines related to the tender management system with the support of blockchain technology will also be implemented for the integrity and audit of public procurement processes, as well as the economic management of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (MRR) and the Next Generation EU.

In addition to these three new lines of development, the new professional incorporations are also related to its Interpublic Platform -with its three lines of action: interpublic grants and funds, interpublic electronic records and interpublic municipal management-, in which it has been working for 25 years with public entities and organizations in order to evolve their services and the relationship with citizens towards a more digitized, efficient and transparent model.

With the recent update of the Interpublic Platform, Oesía in turn aspires to incorporate a greater number of entities, apart from increasing its service with those with which it has already been working.

Given the evolution of the company, Oesía recently launched a campaign to attract talent , and the selection process is now beginning. Among the profiles that are in demand are those of technological project management, although other professionals are also sought, such as specialists in disruptive technologies, developers of both backend and frontend, and business analysts, among others.

Among the first additions that are expected to be made soon are two profiles of IT Project Managers to work with leading national and international clients. Subsequently, it is expected to continue with more positions according to the growth of the company in Zaragoza.

Projects in more than 25 countries
Grupo Oesía is carrying out stable and innovative technological projects for leading national and international clients that demand cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, hyper-automation, microservices and cloud transformations.

The group develops and implements projects in 25 countries and has more than 3,200 professionals in 19 corporate headquarters in Europe, Latin America and the United Arab Emirates . With 45 years of experience, its innovations in products and services have benefited more than 2,000 million people around the world.

Grupo Oesía has the technology company Tecnobit for the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of cutting-edge technology products in avionics equipment and systems, electro-optical sensors, Data Link tactical communications systems and personal encryptors with SCIP protocol, in addition to centers of simulation

The group also has the company specializing in guidance, navigation and control systems for unmanned aerial vehicles UAV Navigation .

In addition, in 2022, the company INSTER , specialized in the development of technology for terrestrial, naval, air and space satellite communications , has been incorporated into its portfolio of technological innovation centers ; mobility applications in the military environment and high-capacity wireless access for telecommunications operators.

It has also created Cipherbit , which is the first Spanish niche brand with a high specialization in defense and cyber defense to develop cybersecurity and hardware/software services integrated into Cifra equipment, certified by national and international official bodies.

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