Our Team

Sophia Tesfaye


Sophia Tesfaye is one of the highly experienced employees among the staff at the The Conway Bulletin News portal. Sophia handles our Finance and Technology column. She is an immensely knowledgeable person. She loves reading books, and by book, it means of all the genres. Maximum of the time she is found in the office library searching for topics for her articles. She is an excellent team leader and unique in her ways.

Frank Broholm


Frank Broholm had acquired considerable experience in writing and editing publications before being recruited by The Conway Bulletin News portal as Editorial Manager. His key task is to conduct effective business reviews based on the most recent business strategies. Due to his stronghold and understanding of finance, marketing, business, and trade-related topics, he is known as a business counselor among the staff & managing the Market News column. His expertise in business-related topics is quite impressive. His business-related concepts are on fingertips, which aids in illustrating the business articles in a brief and defined way, clear to even an amateur. He pursued his post-graduation in Finance from a UK-based university.

Felicia Etlin


After obtaining almost 3 Years of experience in technical writing at a magazine publishing firm, Felicia Etlin has been offered the position of Senior Content Writer at The Conway Bulletin News portal. After acquiring the Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, she has opted for her career path in the technical writing field owing to her keen interest in technological advancements in gadgets. She is a gadget freak person and has a better interpretation of technical terminologies, which pushes her to become capable in writing technical matters. In her spare time, she prefers writing and publishing technology-related reviews & blogs on social networking sites. Apart from this, she loves to attend tech exhibitions and conferences.

Clarence Johnson


Clarence Johnson is a former market analyst and consultant. In his 7-year career as an analyst, Clarence worked with top market players like Prodge LLS, Westat Inc. and Precision Opinion Inc. He moved towards writing in the year 2013. In the past, he undertook several freelance projects to begin his writing profession. Clarence completed his economics degree from Columbia University. He is also writing a book on Market analysis and performing sub-editorial duties.