The Watch That Lets You Talk To Your Porsche

TAG Heuer and Porsche presented in Madrid the latest generation digital clock that allows Porsche customers to “talk” to their car, knowing its status, range or position. A watch inspired by the Taycan.

It was last Thursday when, in an ideal environment such as Espacio Solo, in Madrid’s Puerta de Alcalá, both companies presented the TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition, a digital watch specifically adapted so that owners of a latest Porsche vehicle generation can communicate with your car.

The environment in which the presentation was made, Espacio Solo, was ideal. The largest exhibition of contemporary art is held there , it is a patronage and support project for the international art scene. In this emblematic Madrid room, the Botto exhibition is shown, an art project produced with Artificial Intelligence based on votes and interactions with users on social networks. A specific exhibition on NFT art.

For this reason, it is the ideal context to present the next step for both great companies, which have spent half a century of close collaboration . But now both brands, TAG Heuer and Porsche, have entered a new dimension, the digital and connected age. This new watch from the legendary Swiss company is no longer mechanical, it is not a work of watchmaking precision engineering, but is based on a digital display, configurable with hundreds of options.

And the Porsche that has inspired this new watch is no longer a sports car with a six-cylinder boxer petrol engine, the legendary 911 , but rather a state-of-the-art electric vehicle, such as the Taycan. And the result of the collaboration between both brands, in its new role, is the TAG Heuer Connected Caliber E4 – Porsche Edition.

The strap can be black calfskin or a more casual and sporty rubber strap.
This digital watch follows in the footsteps of the TAG Heuer Porsche Carrera Chronograph, which celebrated the rich history of both companies’ automotive heritage and represents the launch of a global collaboration that began in 2021. It allows Porsche fans and owners to access the growing ecosystem digital from TAG Heuer, which features exclusive sports and wellness applications, as well as elegant watch faces.

Users of this Porsche Edition version have access to an exclusive sphere for Porsche customers. It is inspired by racing circuits and printed circuits used in electronics, offering a visual effect that connects TAG Heuer watches and Porsche cars with the perception of technology and speed. The watch also offers apps that display information about its owner’s Porsche , such as the car’s battery percentage, range or total mileage.

It is a digital watch, but its exterior structure is similar to that of another watch from the TAG Heuer brand. The case is black granulated titanium , which provides a light and sporty touch. The bezel, made of polished ceramic, has a specific scale that goes from zero to 400, referring to the speed of Porsche vehicles.

The black stainless steel crown, covered in black rubber, features the TAG Heuer coat of arms lacquered in the same ice blue tone as the pushers. At the bottom of the bezel, the word Porsche stands out in ice blue, as does the “100” at the top. The titanium case back is engraved with the “Tag Heuer x Porsche” logo around the LED heart rate sensor used to provide the watch’s fitness functions to its owner.

As for its strap, it is designed in black calfskin imitating carbon, with blue stitching, inspired by the structure of the leather finishes inside the car. It has a rubber base for comfortable and sporty use. But you can also use a rubber strap, even more sporty and casual, which is included in the watch case itself.

It offers a combination of elegance and performance . It is a 45mm watch with a ceramic bezel that gives it the aesthetics of a traditional high-end watch. That’s right, at the presentation we were able to see and touch the watch, and it looks similar to a traditional watch . But touching the screen opens up a new digital and connected environment. And its buttons, although they are digital, have a touch similar to those of an analog clock of the usual ones.

Using a customized version of Google’s Wear OS system, the watch offers exclusive stopwatches and sports and wellness apps that highlight TAG Heuer’s expertise in sports timing, including motorsports.

Porsche models compatible with the new clock include the Panamera (G2 II models from 2022 onwards), Panamera (G2), 911 (992 models from 2022 onwards), 911, Cayenne (E3 models from 2022 onwards), Cayenne (E2 II), 718, Macan II/III and Taycan.

Watch users who own one of these Porsche models can connect the watch to their car using the exclusive Wear OS My Porsche app on their watch. With this they will have access to data on the remaining battery, both in electric and plug-in hybrids, and also the remaining autonomy in kilometers. But other options are also open, such as managing the air conditioning system or the vehicle’s mileage, among many other possibilities.

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