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Indoor Pickleball Court Approved In Newtown Sparks Excitement

Indoor Pickleball Court Approved In Newtown: In Newtown Township, local pickleball enthusiasts are anticipating the arrival of their first indoor facility, thanks to ‘The Picklr’ gaining conditional use approval from the Board of Supervisors. The former Bed, Bath & Beyond store, situated next to Staples on West Road, is set to transform into an 11-court state-of-the-art pickleball club.

Plans outlined by the Utah-based company involve converting the expansive 30,000-square-foot space into a membership-only venue that promises professional-grade surfacing, a well-stocked pro shop, private event space, and a host of facilities modified to the pickleball community. Among these amenities are provisions for league play, tournaments, drop-in sessions, court reservations, locker rooms, and showers.

“We believe this is a great business for the township to fill this space,”It is also located in the area of the shopping center that is the least heavily trafficked.”-(Mark Meginniss)

He highlighted the facility’s potential to transform an underutilized area of the Newtown Shopping Center, particularly noting its location in the quieter section of the center.

At its maximum capacity, the facility could host up to four doubles games simultaneously, accommodating a total of 48 players on the courts at any given time, according to Meginniss.

Operational logistics are expected to include two to four employees per shift during peak hours, which are anticipated from 6 to 10 a.m. and from 6 to 10 p.m. The facility will operate seven days a week, from early morning until midnight, offering flexible scheduling options for its members.

Membership fees are projected to range between $119 and $129 per month, with players able to book court time on an hourly basis to suit their schedules.

“The reality is this is a vacant big box in the shopping center. This is a better use both for the shopping center and for other tenants, but also for the township.”  -(Meginniss)

Underlining the positive economic and recreational impacts expected from the facility.

The Newtown Shopping Center, anchored by Acme and Staples and managed by the Palladino Development Group, will see The Picklr join its roster of tenants, which includes Chick-fil-A, TD Bank, and the Blue Point Grill.

Reflecting a broader trend across the nation, indoor pickleball facilities are increasingly finding homes in former retail spaces and malls, responding to the sport’s growing popularity among all age groups.

Jorge Barragan, who launched the first Picklr facility in 2021, has led the company’s expansive growth. Partnering with Pickleball Inc. and NFL Super Bowl Champion Drew Brees, The Picklr has expanded to over 275 locations across the United States, with plans for further national and international expansion.

Indoor Pickleball Court Approved In Newtown

News in Brief: Indoor Pickleball Court Approved In Newtown

Newtown Township approved ‘The Picklr’ to convert a former Bed, Bath & Beyond into an 11-court indoor pickleball club. Plans include professional-grade amenities like a pro shop and event space, serving league play, tournaments, and more. Mark Meginniss highlighted its potential to renew the Newtown Shopping Center. The facility can host up to 48 players simultaneously, open daily from 6 a.m. to midnight. Membership fees range from $119 to $129 per month. The transformation is seen as beneficial for the shopping center and community. Nationwide, former retail spaces are adapting to the rising popularity of indoor pickleball.



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