A Korean Organization Will Contend With The Spanish Hipra Immunization

A Korean company will compete with the Spanish Hipra vaccine. The European Agency surprisingly includes a new serum in the race.

Surprise at the last technical meeting of the European Medicines Agency. Despite expecting news regarding the two vaccines closest to approval for the new vaccination campaign, Sanofi and Hipra, the Agency has reported that a new serum, which until now was not part of the European radar, has been cast in the race to get continental marketing authorization.

The Korean company SK Chemicals has placed its serum, commercially called Skycovion, on the exit ramp to get the agency’s technical yes. The serum has the same technology as its competitors, so it represents serious competition. The only thing against him is that he has not made a purchase agreement with the European Commission , which means that he could only reach the market by negotiating with each Member State if he obtains authorization.

The European Medicines Agency explains that in future meetings it will report on the technical analysis of the safety and efficacy data that the Korean company has sent to the technicians of the regulatory body. If the projected schedules do not change, and with this new addition, there may be three new protein-based vaccines in September to compete with Pfizer and Moderna.

These two American companies have worked in recent months to adapt their serum to the latest variant of concern, omicron. Two days ago, Moderna already got the yes from the British authorities and now it is expected that the EMA will also issue the opinion.

The question that is still up in the air is which will be the ideal among all the candidates to be used as a booster vaccine. Today, what is trying to discern is what type of guideline seeks a higher rate of antibodies to fight the coronavirus.

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