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Conway Debuts Summer Slam Pickleball Tournament at Collins Park

Conway Debuts Summer Slam Pickleball Tournament at Collins Park: Conway, South Carolina, a burgeoning hub on the Grand Strand, embraced the nation’s fastest-growing sport with fervor during its inaugural ‘Summer Slam’ pickleball tournament at Collins Park.

Conway, South Carolina, recently played host to the exciting debut of its ‘Summer Slam’ pickleball tournament at the newly unveiled Collins Park courts. This event not only showcased local talent but also drew national attention, with players like Rick Witskin of the National Pickleball League gracing the courts. Amidst a backdrop of enthusiastic spectators and bustling food trucks, the tournament underscored Conway’s emergence as a vibrant hub for this rapidly growing sport

On a scorching Saturday, 44 teams, totaling 88 players, converged on the newly minted pickleball courts, which had opened just six months prior. The tournament, spanning from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., showcased both local talent and national presence, including the esteemed participation of Rick Witskin, co-founder of the National Pickleball League.

“I actually run camps all over America, and outside of America and play in professional tournaments. And to come to a smaller community like Conway and see this amount of growth and 40 some teams in this tournament Nick is running and the beautiful new facility, that brings goosebumps to me, and I’m always going to want to be associated with that.”- (Rick Witskin)

Jeff Wahl, a Myrtle Beach resident and tournament contender, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the diverse age groups and vibrant atmosphere.

“The Grand Strand actually is a pretty big pickleball community, It’s amazing to see all the age groups, see everybody here having a good time.”- ( Jeff Wahl)

Spectators lined the courts, cheering on competitors, while local food trucks added to the festive ambiance, making the inaugural “Summer Slam” a resounding success and a testament to Conway’s growing enthusiasm for pickleball.

Conway Debuts Summer Slam Pickleball Tournament at Collins Park1

News in Brief: Conway Debuts Summer Slam Pickleball Tournament at Collins Park

Conway’s inaugural ‘Summer Slam’ pickleball tournament at Collins Park was a resounding success, attracting 44 teams and 88 players to compete in the scorching summer heat. From morning to dusk, the courts echoed with competitive fervor and community spirit. National pro Rick Witskin’s presence added prestige, highlighting the event’s significance. Spectators, spanning all age groups, cheered on from the sidelines, enhancing the lively atmosphere. With its seamless organization and enthusiastic turnout, the tournament solidified Conway’s place in the expanding pickleball landscape of the Grand Strand.

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