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Pickleball Hits Louisiana Boardwalk: Plans Underway for Major Expansion

Pickleball Hits Louisiana Boardwalk: In a move set to grant on the nationwide pickleball craze, plans are forming ahead to bring this fast-growing sport to Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets at 540 Boardwalk Blvd. With over 36 million players nationwide, according to the Association of Pickleball Professionals, the sport’s popularity is reaching new heights.

A group of private investors is collaborating closely with Bossier City officials to secure use of the top floor of the Boardwalk parking garage, set apart for transformation into state-of-the-art pickleball courts. Additionally, negotiations are underway to lease the former Nike store, envisioning 15,000 square feet of climate-controlled indoor pickleball facilities.

Chief Administrative Officer Amanda Nottingham of Bossier City focused that while no final proposal has been formally submitted to the city, efforts are progressing steadily. “I don’t have a specific timeline on their plans,but they are actively pursuing this initiative and making significant strides.”

Boardwalk’s general manager, Ashley Warner, highlighted the coordination challenges involved in the venture. “The investors are diligently working alongside the city to ensure all necessary approvals are in place before moving forward with the lease of the former Nike space.” Warner explained.

Warner also hinted at the potential involvement of The Picklr, an expanding franchise backed by former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, who serves not only as an investor but also as a franchise owner. “Engineers and architects have been actively engaged in the planning process.” Warner confirmed, the approach being taken to align all aspects of the project.

“There have been a lot of engineers and an architect who have been here. They are working to get all their ducks in a row when they get approval”-ashley Warner

News in Brief: Pickleball Hits Louisiana Boardwalk

As developments unfold, all eyes are on Bossier City Council for the final nod that could see Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets transformed into a premier pickleball destination, further cementing the sport’s growing reputation across the region.

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