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Exclusive APP Pickleball Jacket Supports Children’s Hospital

APP Pickleball Jacket Supports Children’s Hospital: In the vibrant world where art meets philanthropy, a one-of-a-kind opportunity awaits pickleball enthusiasts and art experts. The Sasha Project LA, in collaboration with the Association of Pickleball Players (APP), presents a bespoke Levi’s denim jacket adorned with hand-painted motifs celebrating the love for pickleball and artistry. This initiative not only shows the creative talents of Sasha Bogosian but also aims to benefit the art therapy programs at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA).

Sasha Bogosian’s Journey

Sasha Bogosian, the creative force behind The Sasha Project LA, channels her passion for art into transforming denim jackets into personalized masterpieces. Born with Cerebral Palsy, Sasha found solace and healing through CHLA’s art therapy programs, which inspired her to give back to her community. Each painted piece represents not just artistic expression but also a heartfelt contribution towards supporting others facing medical challenges.

The Levi’s denim jacket, crafted in men’s size medium, features intricate designs including a pickleball paddle, ball, vibrant paint splatters, and the distinctive APP logo. This fusion of sport and art symbolizes Sasha’s journey and commitment to making a difference through creativity. The auction of this unique jacket offers a rare chance to own a piece that blends craftsmanship with philanthropy, all while supporting a noble cause.

Philanthropic Impact

Proceeds from the auction will directly benefit CHLA’s art therapy programs, continuing to provide essential support and healing through creative expression for young patients like Sasha. Bidders have the opportunity not only to acquire a coveted piece of wearable art but also to contribute to the well-being of children undergoing medical treatment.

The APP, renowned for its dedication to advancing pickleball across all levels, collaborates with Sasha to amplify the impact of her artistic endeavors. Through partnerships like these, the APP not only promotes the sport through national tournaments and televised events but also champions community initiatives that make a tangible difference.

Join the Cause

As the auction for this exceptional jacket progresses, enthusiasts are encouraged to participate generously, knowing that their bids will empower young patients at CHLA to explore and heal through the transformative power of art. The auction closes on Friday, July 12th, offering a limited window to make a lasting impact while acquiring a piece that embodies creativity, compassion, and the spirit of giving back.

For those inspired by Sasha’s story and eager to learn more about The Sasha Project LA, her journey, and the intersection of art and philanthropy, this auction represents more than a chance to own a unique garment—it’s an opportunity to support a cause that touches lives and enriches communities.

In sports, art, and compassionate giving, the collaboration between Sasha Bogosian, The Sasha Project LA, and the APP stands as a testament to the enduring power of creativity and community support. By bidding on this distinctive pickleball jacket, individuals become part of a larger narrative—one that celebrates resilience, creativity, and the profound impact of art in healing.

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News in Brief: APP Pickleball Jacket Supports Children’s Hospital

Discover a unique philanthropic opportunity where art meets pickleball with The Sasha Project LA and the APP. Bid on a bespoke Levi’s denim jacket hand-painted by Sasha Bogosian, featuring pickleball motifs and supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’ art therapy programs.

This initiative blends craftsmanship with compassion, offering bidders a chance to own a symbol of creativity while making a meaningful impact on young patients’ lives. Join this auction before July 12th to support healing through art and celebrate the transformative power of community and sport.

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