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Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts in Grand Rapids to Look For

Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts in Grand Rapids: Pickleball’s rise has surpassed all expectations, driving the development of world-class facilities across the globe. Michigan, in particular, has embraced this trend wholeheartedly, emerging as a pivotal player in the sport’s evolution and popularity. The state’s commitment to integrating pickleball into its recreational landscape shows its appeal to players of all ages and skill levels, enhancing a vibrant community centered around this dynamic and inclusive sport.
As pickleball continues to gather momentum, Michigan stands at the forefront, showcasing its dedication to providing top-tier facilities and opportunities for enthusiasts to enjoy this rapidly growing phenomenon.

Grand Rapids, in Midwest has become a vibrant center for pickleball enthusiasts. At Belknap Park downtown, evenings in summer and fall buzz with over 100 players enjoying this rapidly growing sport, often likened to a blend of tennis, badminton, and ping pong.

The Sports & Fitness Industry Association reports a staggering 158% increase in U.S. pickleball players from 2020 to 2023, showing its nationwide popularity. In 2023, Grand Rapids proudly earned recognition as the third most “pickleball-obsessed” city in America, highlighting the deep community resonance and enthusiasm for the sport locally.

Places to play pickleball in Grand Rapids, While The Club at Belknap Park is the largest facility in the area, many members treat it as their primary venue while also exploring other locations across the city. Whenevr, someone is in Grand Rapids and is looking for places to play pickleball, just search pickleball courts near me, and one can find these venues for playing pickleball in Michigan.

Outdoor Pickleball Venues in Grand Rapids

Outdoor pickleball courts in Grand Rapids offer a variety of options for enthusiasts to enjoy the sport throughout the warmer months. These courts are typically available from spring through fall and are located in several local parks and facilities:

Here’s a quick overview of courts in the area where membership or accompaniment isn’t required to play:

  • Ada Township Park: 6 courts
  • Allendale Community Park: 8 courts
  • Bicentennial Park in Byron Center: 12 courts
  • Cannon Township Campus: 8 courts
  • Cherry Street: 1 court
  • Community Green in Caledonia: 4 courts
  • Courtland Township Park in Rockford: 8 courts
  • Old Farm Park in Kentwood: 4 courts
  • Grand River Riverfront Park in Lowell: 8 courts
  • Cascade Township Park: 6 courts
  • Yankee Springs Township Park in Wayland: 2 courts
  • Wedgwood Park in Grandville: 2 courts

Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts in Grand Rapids (1)

Additionally, downtown Grand Rapids’ Amway Grand Plaza Hotel offers six outdoor courts next to its fourth-floor Fitness Center, open to both guests and the public. Reservations can be made online or by calling 616-776-3279.

News in Brief: Best Outdoor Pickleball Courts in Grand Rapids

Pickleball has risen in popularity nationwide, with some premium outdoor pickleball courts in Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids playing a role emerging as a key player in enhancing this growth through top-tier facilities and inclusive community engagement. Grand Rapids highlights this trend, having with over 100 players at Belknap Park each evening during summer and fall. The city’s designation as the third most “pickleball-obsessed” in the U.S. in 2023 underscores its deep-seated enthusiasm for the sport. Outdoor courts across local parks like Ada Township Park and Bicentennial Park offer ample opportunities for players of all ages and skill levels to enjoy pickleball throughout the warmer months, enhancing its vibrant recreational landscape.

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