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Supreme Court Pickleball Partners With NTPL As Texas Representative

Supreme Court Pickleball Partners With NTPL: Supreme Court Pickleball (SCP) proudly announces its affiliation with the National Team Pickleball League (NTPL) as the official representative for Texas. Following a highly successful inaugural Men’s 18+ DUPR season, SCP expands its offerings to cement its position as the premier cross-city pickleball league in Texas, showcasing the state’s exceptional talent and competitive spirit.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of 4.0- and 4.5-men’s divisions representing Texas in the NTPL 2024 Championships.
  • Addition of the new Mixed 18+ MLP format.
  • Launch of Ladies’ 18+ and 50+ DUPR Doubles.
  • Teams representing various home facilities across the Dallas metroplex.
  • Community outreach through charitable partnerships.

We’re excited to bring Texas DUPR competitive team pickleball to the national stage,” says Beth Mahler, Founder of Supreme Court Pickleball. “Our league embodies teamwork, community, and sportsmanship, aligning perfectly with NTPL’s values. We’re fostering connections, supporting the rapid growth of pickleball, and giving back to the community we love.

SCP encourages facility directors and players to form teams representing their respective courts under a “Bring Your Own Courts” model. The league welcomes players of all skill levels and accommodates both outdoor and indoor hard courts across the metroplex. Flexible scheduling ensures accessibility for busy players, with ongoing efforts to enhance the player experience based on valuable feedback. Team captains play a pivotal role in driving the league’s success.

Registration for the 2024 Fall season is now open until July 31st. Teams will engage in regular weekly matches, with divisional champions progressing to playoffs and the NTPL Championships. Reflecting SCP’s commitment to community, local charities can participate by obtaining referral codes to promote pickleball growth and receive donations for each referred player.

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News in Brief : Supreme Court Pickleball Partners With NTPL

Supreme Court Pickleball (SCP) has joined the National Team Pickleball League (NTPL) as Texas’s official representative, following a successful inaugural season. SCP expands with 4.0- and 4.5-men’s divisions for the NTPL 2024 Championships and introduces a new Mixed 18+ MLP format and Ladies’ 18+ and 50+ DUPR Doubles. Teams from Dallas metroplex facilities will compete, emphasizing community and charity partnerships. Founder Beth Mahler aims to elevate Texas pickleball nationally, promoting inclusivity and competitive spirit. Registration for the fall 2024 season is open until July 31st, focusing on player feedback and community involvement through charitable contributions and grassroots support.

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