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PickleRage Introduces New Franchisees Amid National Growth

PickleRage Introduces New Franchisees: Founded in 2023, PickleRage has swiftly become one of America’s leading indoor pickleball clubs, catering to players of all skill levels. Born from a passion for the sport, PickleRage was established by a group of dedicated pickleball enthusiasts who recognized the need for dedicated indoor facilities that allow players to enjoy pickleball year-round.
With a keen understanding of the sport’s burgeoning popularity and its community-driven essence, PickleRage was created to provide the ultimate indoor pickleball experience. As one of the fastest-growing chains of indoor pickleball clubs in the United States, PickleRage offers a vibrant setting where both novice and seasoned players can come together to play, connect, and embrace the sport.

PickleRage, a premier indoor pickleball club franchise, has unveiled a series of new openings in line with its ambitious national expansion strategy. This move shows the unprecedented popularity of pickleball, fueling the club’s rapid growth and offering entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to capitalize on America’s fastest-growing sport.

National Expansion: The Latest Developments

With corporate locations set to open soon in Florida, Michigan, and Maryland, and franchisee-owned venues planned for Grand Rapids, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, and Mobile, AL, PickleRage is well on its way to becoming a leading provider of year-round indoor pickleball experiences.

PickleRage is solidifying its mission to lead as a premier provider of indoor pickleball year-round. Having unveiled its franchise opportunity this February, the brand aims to capitalize on this significant momentum, seeking driven franchisees eager to spread the joy of the sport across Arizona, Florida, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and North Carolina. By the close of 2025, PickleRage anticipates surpassing 30 operational locations nationwide.

Franchisees Leading the Charge

Jonathan Keith and Mark Howard, real estate business partners and franchise owners of the new Mobile location, are enthusiastic about bringing a top-tier pickleball facility to their community.

Keith expressed his enthusiasm about introducing a top-notch pickleball facility to the Mobile Area. A native of Mobile, he is eager to bring a new business and recreational activity to his community. Keith looks forward to fostering new connections and enhancing community bonds within the city. He anticipates significant growth and enthusiasm surrounding pickleball and believes that PickleRage will offer local residents an enjoyable and invigorating way to interact and connect while staying active.

“We are both excited about the opportunity to bring a first-class pickleball facility to the Mobile Area. I was born and raised in Mobile, and looking to bring a new business and activity to my community. We look forward to creating new relationships and strengthening bonds in our city,”

-( Jonathan Keith )

Robyn Hesling and Keith Goodrich, seasoned franchisees with decades of experience, are set to open PickleRage clubs in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

PickleRage Introduces New Franchisees

“We were excited about the growth of the sport of pickleball, the passion of the players and the pure fun of running a business for people to come in and enjoy good health, companionship and friendly competition,” mentioned Hesling.

“We’re hoping to build a community of friendship where our players feel comfortable, welcome, have fun and enjoy spending time playing the sport together.”- ( Robyn Hesling )

Capturing a Growing Market

Pickleball’s popularity has surged by 223.5% over the past three years, especially among younger demographics, making it an attractive venture for potential franchisees seeking to merge health, social interaction, and business.

“PickleRage not only caters to pickleball enthusiasts but also offers a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs,” noted Eric OConnor, VP of Franchise Development at PickleRage. “Our advanced facilities and operational efficiencies ensure a seamless experience, minimizing costs and maximizing customer satisfaction.

PickleRage’s Vision and Offerings

Founded in 2023, PickleRage stands out with its state-of-the-art CushionX courts, similar to those used at the U.S. Open, cutting-edge reservation systems, and a community-driven ethos that fosters player loyalty and engagement.

Eric OConnor, VP of Franchise Development at PickleRage said- “Not only is PickleRage ideal for pickleball players, but it’s the perfect pick for franchisees looking to get in early on something that is growing in popularity every single day.

“We provide advanced technological solutions that streamline operations, significantly reducing staffing needs, labor costs, and improving efficiency. This automated operational model allows for the effective management of large facilities with minimal staff, providing a seamless experience for both franchisees and players.” -(Eric OConnor)

PickleRage seeks dedicated enthusiasts of the sport and ambitious entrepreneurs to expand the most popular sport in America across communities nationwide. With ambitious plans to establish over 500 locations within the next five years, PickleRage is set to make a significant impact in the pickleball community. The total investment required to open a PickleRage club falls between $827,800 and $1,803,200, reflecting the brand’s commitment to delivering world-class social events, tournaments, and instructional programs to players of all levels.

PickleRage Introduces New Franchisees


News in Brief: PickleRage Introduces New Franchisees

PickleRage, established in 2023, rapidly emerged as a leading indoor pickleball club catering to all skill levels. Founded by passionate enthusiasts, it addresses the growing demand for year-round indoor pickleball facilities. With a focus on community and sport, PickleRage is expanding nationally, opening corporate locations in Florida, Michigan, and Maryland, and planning franchisee-owned venues in key states. The franchise opportunity targets Arizona, Florida, Utah, Nevada, Texas, and North Carolina, aiming for over 30 locations by 2025. Offering state-of-the-art amenities and a robust operational model, PickleRage seeks to capitalize on pickleball’s booming popularity while building a vibrant community atmosphere nationwide.

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