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Nano Court: Reebok’s New Shoe for Pickleball Revolution

Reebok’s New Shoe for Pickleball: Pickleball, the fastest-growing sport in America, has attracted the nation’s attention with its rapid rise. Recognizing this trend, Reebok has launched the Nano Court, a new addition to their esteemed Nano Training Shoe franchise. This innovation underscores Reebok’s commitment to supporting high-intensity court sports, offering unparalleled grip, stability, and durability. Featuring advanced Flexweave Pro uppers and Griptonite rubber outsoles, the Nano Court is tailored for optimal performance. Professional pickleball star “Hurricane” Tyra Black endorses the shoe, highlighting its impact on player success. Set to debut on June 20 for $120, the Nano Court positions Reebok as a key player in the dynamic world of pickleball.

Reebok’s New Shoe for Pickleball Revolution

In sports, few games have captured the nation’s imagination as swiftly as pickleball. Recognizing this rise, Reebok has stepped onto the court with its latest innovation: the Nano Court. Unveiled on Tuesday, this shoe marks a significant addition to Reebok’s renowned Nano Training Shoe franchise, signaling the brand’s commitment to supporting the fastest-growing sport in America.

Reebok’s Nano Court isn’t just any performance shoe. According to a statement from the brand, it’s designed for high-intensity court sports like pickleball, paddle, and tennis, focusing on grip, stability, and durability. Tal Short, Reebok’s product director, emphasized the company’s dedication: “As the Official Shoe of Fitness, it’s our mission at Reebok to continue to evolve the Nano franchise to meet the needs of any and all activities. We are thrilled to bring our expertise and dominance in the performance footwear market to the court.

The Nano Court showcases Reebok’s advanced Flexweave Pro uppers, engineered from the brand’s most durable Flexweave knit yet. These uppers feature zoned stability yarns, providing support precisely where athletes need it most. The shoe also boasts a toe section Guard for enhanced durability at the toe box and a 360 Comfort Booty anatomical upper construction, ensuring a locked-in fit for superior performance.

Underfoot, the Nano Court is equipped with Griptonite rubber outsoles, designed in a herringbone pattern to maximize grip on any surface. Additionally, Reebok introduced its new Floatride Court foam cushioning, a compound specifically developed for court sports that promises energy return and unmatched comfort.

To champion the Nano Court, Reebok enlisted professional pickleball star “Hurricane” Tyra Black for its promotional campaign. Black, a dominant force in the pickleball world, highlighted the importance of quality footwear: “Reebok’s entrance into pickleball and performance court sports is monumental. Having the best footwear option — both at the professional and amateur level — is crucial to your success and fun on the court. Thanks to the new Nano Court, you can take your game to the next level.

Set to debut on June 20, the Reebok Nano Court will be available on and at select retailers worldwide, retailing for $120. The shoe will be offered in a range of unisex and women’s colorways, catering to a diverse audience of athletes.

The Rapid Growth Of Pickleball

The launch of the Nano Court comes at a pivotal moment for pickleball. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) 2024 Topline Report, the sport saw 13.6 million participants in 2023, marking a staggering nearly 52 percent increase from the previous year. Since 2020, pickleball has grown by approximately 223 percent, solidifying its status as the fastest-growing sport in America for the third consecutive year.

Pickleball-specific shoes feature a lower profile for improved balance and ground connection during fast-paced play. They have reinforced areas, like the toe and lateral sides, to withstand quick stops and pivots. Additionally, the soles are designed with traction-optimized patterns for various court surfaces, allowing players to move swiftly and confidently on both indoor wood and outdoor concrete.

Reebok’s strategic move to introduce the Nano Court shows the brand’s agility and foresight in responding to emerging sports trends. As pickleball continues to captivate players across the nation, Reebok is set to become a key player in this dynamic and rapidly expanding arena.

News In Brief: Reebok’s New Shoe for Pickleball

Reebok’s launch of the Nano Court is a timely response to the explosive growth of pickleball, reflecting the brand’s commitment to innovation and athlete support. With advanced features like Flexweave Pro uppers and Griptonite rubber outsoles, the Nano Court is set to meet the demands of high-intensity court sports. Championing this new entry, professional pickleball star Tyra Black shows its significance for players at all levels. As pickleball’s popularity soars, Reebok’s strategic introduction of the Nano Court solidifies its role as a crucial player in the evolving landscape of this dynamic sport.


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