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Nettie Launches Barbie-Branded Pickleball Gear: Celebrating Women in Play

Nettie Launches Barbie-Branded Pickleball Gear: In a colorful collaboration that bridges generations of play and empowerment, Nettie Pickleball has launched a special edition Barbie-themed collection, featuring pickleball paddles, sets, and gear, marking the iconic doll’s 65th anniversary in vibrant style.

Nettie’s exclusive partnership with Mattel, the creative force behind Barbie, showcases a fusion of sport and nostalgia, bringing Barbie’s timeless appeal to the world of pickleball. Catherine Baxter, Founder and CEO of Nettie, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: “The Barbie X Nettie collection is a celebration of women, across several generations, finding confidence, connection, and joy through play.”

Hand-picked by Mattel as part of its initiative to collaborate with women-founded brands, Nettie Pickleball was honored to contribute to Barbie’s legacy of empowerment. “We’re thrilled to collaborate with one of the original women’s empowerment brands, known across the world for inspiring fans everywhere to dream big and live boldly,” Baxter remarked.

Central to the collection are USAP-approved pickleball paddles crafted with a honeycomb core and durable carbon fiber face, ensuring both performance and style. Complementing these essentials are a waterproof duffle bag and a chic sling bag, designed to accommodate the active lifestyle of pickleball enthusiasts.

The aesthetic of the Barbie X Nettie collection draws inspiration from Barbie’s retro flair and vibrant palette, prominently featuring shades of emerald green and hot pink—a nod to Barbie’s iconic color scheme. The pickleball set itself, presented in Barbie pink, embodies both playfulness and practicality, perfect for players who value both style and functionality.

The paddle face design is simplistic yet stylish, mirroring Barbie’s enduring elegance, underscoring the collection’s appeal to players who value performance with a touch of nostalgia.

Imagining Barbie’s skill on the pickleball court brings smiles, but the fascination goes beyond sports. Barbie excels in every role she takes on, and She is eager to see her pickleball outfits too, reflecting the excitement about Barbie’s potential in the pickleball scene. If Barbie’s pickleball outfits are as stylish as Nettie’s gear, it would definitely make the Best Dressed List.

Nettie Launches Barbie-Branded Pickleball Gear

With its blend of retro charm and contemporary performance, the Barbie X Nettie collection invites players of all ages to embrace the joy of play, channeling Barbie’s spirit of empowerment and adventure. As pickleball enthusiasts eagerly await the release, Nettie and Barbie enthusiasts anticipate a new chapter in sports fashion—one where style meets sport, and empowerment meets play.

For fans and collectors alike, the Barbie X Nettie collection is set to be a standout in the world of sports accessories. It celebrates Barbie’s lasting influence and encourages future generations to dream big, both on and off the court.

News in Brief: Nettie Launches Barbie-Branded Pickleball Gear

Nettie Pickleball has launched a vibrant Barbie-themed collection to celebrate Barbie’s 65th anniversary, featuring USAPA-approved paddles and stylish gear in Barbie’s iconic colors. This collaboration with Mattel reflects Barbie’s legacy of empowerment and aims to inspire women of all ages through play. With a focus on performance and nostalgia, the Barbie X Nettie collection bridges generations, inviting pickleball enthusiasts to embrace style and functionality on the court. It’s a colorful fusion of sport and empowerment, promising to resonate with fans and collectors alike, heralding a new era in sports fashion.

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