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7 Celebrities Who Loves And Play Pickleball

Celebrities Who Loves And Play Pickleball: In recent years, the sport of pickleball has been rapidly gaining attraction not just everyday enthusiasts but also a host of celebrities. A blend of tennis, table tennis, and badminton, the rules are much simpler than its parent sports, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Health is a major priority for many celebrities, and pickleball offers significant health benefits. This sport fits seamlessly into their lifestyles, providing a fun, engaging way to stay active. Additionally, there’s a growing movement to establish a global pickleball ranking system, which could offer celebrities another platform for friendly competition.

While pickleball hasn’t made it to the Olympics yet, the momentum it’s gaining suggests it might just be a matter of time. With high-profile endorsements and increasing participation, the sport is ready to explode in popularity.

The rise of Major League Pickleball (MLP) and the APP Tour highlights the sport’s potential for those considering a professional career in pickleball. For now, the sport benefits immensely from the celebrity spotlight, helping to ignite widespread interest and growth.

Celebrities Who Play Pickleball: Highlighting some well-known figures who enjoy the sport

Selena Gomez pickleball

Selena Gomez: The pop star and actress has embraced pickleball, integrating it into her active lifestyle. Selena Gomez‘s influence, especially through her massive social media following, helps bring further attention to the sport.


Emma Watson pickleball

Emma Watson: Known for her role in the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson is a passionate pickleball player. She often participates in both casual games and charitable tournaments, using her platform to promote the sport.


Leonardo DiCaprio pickleball

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Word famous Oscar-winning actor, known for his roles in iconic films, is a dedicated pickleball player. DiCaprio plays daily, showing his passion for the sport.


Kim Kardashian pickle ball

Kim Kardashian: This famous family has also embraced pickleball with enthusiasm. In one memorable episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” viewers were treated to scenes of the Kardashian sisters engaging in a spirited pickleball match. The episode captured Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney displaying their love for the sport.


Stephen Colbert pickleball

Stephen Colbert: The late-night host has not only taken up pickleball but has also helped bring it into the mainstream. Colbert partnered with Funny Or Die and CBS Studios to produce “Pickled,” a two-hour special that aired on CBS and streamed on Paramount+.


Ellen DeGeneres pickleball

Ellen DeGeneres: The talk show host tried her hand at pickleball during the pandemic, even setting up a net on her show. Despite a minor injury, DeGeneres’s involvement highlights the sport’s appeal across different entertainment sectors.


Amanda Peet pickleball

Amanda Peet:  Amanda Peet makes time to play pickleball to keep fit and have fun. She is a renowned Hollywood actress known for her roles in -The Whole Nine Yards, Saving Silverman, High Crimes and Changing Lanes. She played so much pickleball at one point that she developed a injury in her arm.

These celebrities are  a examples of the growing popularity of pickleball. Their participation and promotion help drive the sport’s visibility and popularity, indicating that pickleball is here to stay.

News in Brief: Celebrities Who Loves And Play Pickleball

Pickleball, a mix of tennis, table tennis, and badminton, has been rapidly gaining popularity, attracting many celebrities. Its simple rules make it accessible to a wide audience, and its health benefits fit seamlessly into the active lifestyles of stars. There’s a push to create a global pickleball ranking system, similar to golf’s handicap, offering celebrities a platform for friendly competition. While not yet an Olympic sport, its growing momentum suggests it could be soon. The rise of Major League Pickleball and the APP Tour highlights its professional potential. Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson are  faces helping to fuel the sport’s popularity.

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