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IYRS Pickleball Paddle By Entrepreneur Declan Lawlor Launched

IYRS Pickleball Paddle By Entrepreneur Declan Lawlor: Declan Lawlor, a financial planning analyst, has ventured beyond traditional career paths to carve his niche in the vibrant world of pickleball. Rather than pursue boat-building after mastering the craft at IYRS, Lawlor found himself drawn to the innovative possibilities in pickleball paddles. His journey began with a recognition of the potential overlap in craftsmanship, supported by instructors who encouraged his entrepreneurial spirit. Today, Lawlor’s passion for pickleball extends beyond personal enjoyment; it’s a driving force behind his aspiration to establish Declan’s Paddles as a thriving business, blending his financial acumen with a deep-seated love for community-driven ventures in Nashville.

Development of the Business Idea

Lawlor described his endeavor as more than just a side hustle, by saying, “I call it a serious side hustle because it demands a substantial amount of my time.” His transition from mastering boat-building skills at IYRS to innovating pickleball paddles began when he discerned the overlap in craftsmanship possibilities. With encouragement from instructors, he meticulously refined his concept for bespoke paddles, ultimately crafting the inaugural prototype as the cornerstone of his capstone project.

Personal Journey and Inspirations

Originally from New York, with stints living in Spain and Australia, Declan Lawlor’s career journey took him through Nebraska before he finally settled in Nashville. During his time in Newport, Rhode Island, Lawlor discovered his passion for pickleball, influenced greatly by the encouragement of family and friends. His colleague, Grant Wyffels, played a pivotal role in supporting Lawlor’s newfound interest. Reflecting on his ambitions, Lawlor expressed a heartfelt desire for his paddle business to evolve into a full-time endeavor, allowing him to chart his own course and establish a thriving enterprise on his terms.

“He is the wind in the sails of Declan Paddles.”  -Lawlor

IYRS Pickleball Paddle By Entrepreneur Declan Lawlor

Current Endeavors and Future Aspirations

Balancing his financial career with Declan Paddles, Lawlor dedicates evenings and weekends to refining his craft and expanding his business. With aspirations of making pickleball paddle-making a full-time pursuit, Lawlor also explores other entrepreneurial avenues, including potential court design ventures in Nashville, driven by his passion for community engagement through sport.

“I would love for it to become full-time to make my own schedule and build my own business.” – Lawlor

News in Brief: IYRS Pickleball Paddle By Entrepreneur Declan Lawlor

Declan Lawlor, a financial planning analyst, shifted his focus from boat-building skills learned at IYRS  paddle to establish Declan’s Paddles, delving into the burgeoning pickleball market. His journey began with recognition of crossover potential at IYRS, supported by instructors who encouraged his venture into custom paddle-making. Originally from New York with international stints, Lawlor’s career journey led him through various states before settling in Nashville. Inspired by family and friends, Lawlor’s passion for pickleball grew, supported by colleague Grant Wyffels. Balancing his financial career, Lawlor envisions expanding his paddle business and exploring community-driven projects in Nashville.

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