RWE Starts The Construction Of 10 MW Photovoltaic Plant In Badajoz

RWE continues to expand its solar business throughout Spain. The German energy company has begun work on the Las Vaguadas photovoltaic plant, located in the province of Badajoz, mounted on the ground with a planned capacity of 10 megawatts . The installation of the 20,000 solar panels will begin at the end of the summer on an area of ​​approximately 21 hectares and the end of the installation is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023 .

It is also building the Casa Valdes and Puerta del Sol solar plants , each 44 MW. In all three solar projects, RWE uses high-performance bifacial modules, a system consisting of mounting solar cells in a glass module on both sides. This allows the absorption of solar radiation on both sides and facilitates increased production.

Once completed, the three solar installations will produce renewable energy equivalent to supplying 68,000 homes .

“In total, we will install more than 210,000 photovoltaic modules on them. Once completed, these projects will make a substantial contribution to achieving local climate goals and add more than 100 MW of solar capacity to our already remarkable fleet. of renewable energy installations in Spain,” says Robert Navarro, President and CEO of RWE Renewables Iberia .

Presence in Spain
The German company operates onshore wind farms in Spain with a total capacity of more than 440 MW . It participates in the Toledo photovoltaic plant and in the Andasol 3 solar thermal power plant. The Alarcos photovoltaic solar park, with a capacity of 45 MW and located in the south of Ciudad Real (Castilla-La Mancha) was also commissioned in 2020. .

In addition, RWE is involved in the DemoSATH floating wind turbine project , a technology based on a pair of linked prestressed concrete floating cylinders, anchored to the seabed by a single-point mooring system that allows the unit to swing like a weathervane to make facing the wind. Its start and commissioning are planned this year.

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