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Oakland Acres Invests in Community with Versatile Park Upgrade

Oakland Acres: In the peculiar community of Oakland Acres, where every cent of property tax is carefully managed, the recent decision by the City Council to enhance the local park has stirred excitement among residents.

Thanks to a $1,000 grant from the Iowa Foundation for Parks and Recreation, Oakland Acres will soon see the installation of an adjustable net system at its city park. This versatile addition will cater to various recreational activities including tennis, volleyball, and the increasingly popular pickleball, delighting community members who cherish their outdoor spaces.

Mayor Lisa Griffith expressed the city’s enthusiasm, especially noting the influx of young families moving into the area.

“We’re such a small community that we don’t have extra cash.” -lisa griffith

The City Council, with an additional $1,000 contribution, sees this investment as pivotal in improving quality of life for residents.

Jared Johnston, a newly elected council member, emphasized the net’s versatility as a key factor in their decision-making process.

“They could use a net that has more versatile features than just a volleyball net,”

“That was really important to us. It just gives the whole park more versatility. Pickleball especially will give more adults a game they can enjoy for fitness and whatnot … And it now becomes a great multi-purpose area.” – Johnston

Underling the net’s potential to attract adults and children alike. Danae Edwards, vice-president of the Iowa Foundation for Parks and Recreation, praised Oakland Acres for their forward-thinking approach.

“It’s going to be able to impact more people than just one static net.”

“To have different uses out of it was very interesting for us.”

“We’re just trying to give back to the profession of parks and recreation and the smaller communities that may not have a professional in their community, but are also trying to improve it for their citizens.”- Edwards

The Iowa Foundation for Parks and Recreation, dedicated to supporting smaller communities like Oakland Acres, awarded the grant as part of their initiative to enhance public spaces across Iowa. Susan Martin, a dedicated city council member, played a pivotal role in securing the clarity, highlighting the community’s proactive stance in improving local amenities.

“I happened across their grant and noticed that it was something that a municipal government could use.”

“They had three options for different sizes of communities. When I was looking for other equipment I happened across the adjustable net system. Looking at the cost of it I pursued that with the council.” – Martin

Looking ahead, Mayor Griffith outlined future plans for the park, including updates to playground equipment, the addition of a walking path, and other enhancements to further enrich community life in Oakland Acres.

“Probably the next one would be our playground,”

“It’s very old.” – Griffith

Oakland Acres

As Oakland Acres continues to grow and evolve, investments like the adjustable net system underscore the community’s dedication to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive environment for its residents.

News in Brief: Oakland Acres

Oakland Acres is enhancing its local park with a versatile adjustable net system, funded by a $1,000 grant from the Iowa Foundation for Parks and Recreation and an additional contribution from the City Council. This upgrade aims to support various recreational activities including tennis, volleyball, and pickleball, reflecting the community’s commitment to improving quality of life and attracting residents of all ages to their outdoor spaces.

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