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New 1 Million Dollar Pickleball Complex in Avon Lake Gears Up

New 1 Million Dollar Pickleball Complex: In an ambitious move set to transform Avon Lake’s recreational landscape, Cleveland Premier Pickleball is gearing up for the grand opening of its expansive new facility on September 7. Located at Pin Oak Parkway within the warehouse complex owned by All Pro Freight Systems, the 56,000-square-foot club promises to be a game-changer for pickleball enthusiasts across Greater Cleveland.

State-of-the-Art Facility Design and Features

Led by co-owners Justin Hellinger and Chris Haas, the project boasts a modern design curated by Cleveland’s Slate Interiors Studio. With an investment topping $1 million, the facility will house 16 courts, including four championship-grade courts designed for tournament play. Additionally, the venue will feature 15 dedicated pickleball courts alongside a specialized padel court, catering to a diverse range of racket sports enthusiasts.

Community and Amenities

Hellinger, a passionate pickleball advocate since 2017, envisions the facility as more than just a sporting venue. Emphasizing inclusivity across age groups, from children to seniors, he aims to foster a vibrant community atmosphere akin to a country club. The facility’s design includes a spacious lounge area—dubbed ‘the kitchen’ in pickleball parlance—complete with comfortable seating, pingpong tables, and televisions adjacent to the championship courts. This setup encourages players and spectators alike to engage and socialize beyond the courts.

“It’s for that community feel, It’s a sport where my 12-year-old can play with an 80-year-old. It really just eliminates any age barriers. We want that sort of country club feel.”

-(Justin Hellinger)

Local Impact and Future Prospects

The project, conceived last fall during the expansion of All Pro Freight’s warehouse facilities, required strategic zoning adjustments with support from Avon Lake officials. Ted Esborn, Avon Lake’s community development director, highlighted the collaborative effort to align the facility’s plans with city zoning regulations, ensuring seamless integration into the industrial zone. As excitement builds within the community, plans for future partnerships and local events at the facility are already being discussed, promising a dynamic addition to Avon Lake’s recreational offerings.

Last autumn, Haas and Hellinger conceived the idea of constructing a pickleball facility. At the time, Haas was expanding All Pro Freight’s warehouse by 200,000 square feet, designated for U.S. Cotton storage. Initially, they planned to integrate the pickleball facility into this expanded section of the warehouse.

During the March 27 meeting of Avon Lake’s Zoning Board of Appeals, Esborn announced the board’s decision to classify the facility for personal service use. This category typically encompasses operations such as gyms or yoga studios, distinguishing it from indoor recreation facilities like bowling alleys or movie theaters

Pickleball is something that our residents request and call for,” Esborn mentioned. “It’s been rising over the last few years. … I’m finding that people are very pleased to learn that there will be a pickleball club on Pin Oak (Parkway), so we’re happy that it’s something that’s going to be available to our residents.”

New $1 Million Pickleball Complex1

News in Brief: New 1 Million Dollar Pickleball Complex

Cleveland Premier Pickleball’s new $1 million facility, spearheaded by co-owners Justin Hellinger and Chris Haas, features 16 courts including championship-grade and dedicated pickleball options, alongside a padel court. Emphasizing community and inclusivity, the venue includes a lounge area dubbed ‘the kitchen’ for socializing. Initially conceived during the expansion of All Pro Freight’s warehouse facilities, the project overcame zoning challenges with local support, positioning it as a cornerstone of Avon Lake’s recreational offerings. As anticipation mounts, the facility is poised to meet rising demand and foster a vibrant pickleball community in the region.

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