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2024’s Top Pickleball States in the USA Revealed

2024’s Top Pickleball States in the USA: In the dynamic world of pickleball, certain states have emerged as hotbeds of talent, boasting vibrant communities and exceptional facilities that cater to players of all levels. From scenic Hawaii to the picturesque landscapes of Vermont and Oregon, each state offers unique settings and opportunities for pickleball enthusiasts to hone their skills and compete at various levels.

Hawaii: A Pacific Paradise for Pickleball

With an average DUPR rating of 4.040, Hawaii stands out as a top destination for pickleball aficionados seeking both competitive play and breathtaking views. The islands host over 100 courts, prominently concentrated on Oahu, where facilities like the Holua Racquet and Paddle in Kailua-Kona offer 20 courts, including 8 lighted ones. Notable locations such as Petrie Community Park and Ke’ehi Lagoon Beach Park further enhance Hawaii’s allure as a pickleball haven.

While Hawaii may not boast as many professional players as mainland states, it has produced standout talent like Jaume Martinez Vich, a renowned figure in the global pickleball scene.

Vermont: Rustic Charm and Pickleball Excellence

Vermont, with an average DUPR rating of 3.870, embraces pickleball with over 50 courts spread across its scenic landscapes. Burlington, Colchester, and Bennington emerge as key hubs, featuring facilities like the Bennington Recreation Center and the Barre Recreation Facility. The Vermont Pickleball Association actively promotes the sport, organizing tournaments and leagues that builds community engagement and skill development.

The Basin Harbor resort in Vergennes adds to Vermont’s appeal with courts offering lessons and rentals, catering to both locals and visitors eager to experience pickleball amidst Vermont’s natural beauty.

Oregon: Pickleball Paradise in the Pacific Northwest

Oregon, renowned for its outdoor pursuits, earns its spot with an average DUPR rating of 3.845 and a plethora of pickleball courts statewide. Bend shines as a top destination with 86 courts, including the Pine Nursery Park Pickleball Complex’s 16 dedicated courts. Portland leads in court numbers with 135 spread across 36 locations, featuring popular venues like Jumbo’s Pickleball and the Babette Horenstein Tennis Center.

Salem hosts the prestigious Willamette Valley Open, a major indoor tournament attracting hundreds of players annually. Eugene and Medford also contribute to Oregon’s pickleball scene, showcasing the sport’s popularity and growth across diverse communities.

Utah: The Rising Star of Pickleball States

Utah emerges as a formidable player in the pickleball landscape with a burgeoning number of courts and enthusiastic players. Salt Lake City boasts 18 courts, including the Peckleball Palace, while St. George impresses with the 24-court Little Valley Pickleball Complex and a robust program offering leagues and clinics. Orem and Lehi also contribute to Utah’s pickleball prowess, each with their own dedicated courts and training facilities.

Major tournaments like the Thank You Thackeray and SLC Slam underscore Utah’s commitment to fostering competitive pickleball environments and attracting players from across the country.

South Dakota: A Rapidly Growing Pickleball Scene

South Dakota showcases a rapid rise in pickleball popularity, with new courts and facilities sprouting up in cities like Sioux Falls and Rapid City. Sioux Falls leads with 14 courts across multiple locations, while Rapid City offers 9 courts, including those at the Canyon Lake Activity Center. Yankton and Watertown contribute with their own community courts, reflecting a statewide commitment to expanding pickleball access and engagement.

Organizations like the Sioux Falls Area Pickleball Club and the Rapid City YMCA play pivotal roles in promoting the sport through leagues, tournaments, and community events, fostering a vibrant pickleball culture statewide.

2024's Top Pickleball States in the USA

As pickleball continues to capture the hearts of players across the United States, states like Hawaii, Vermont, Oregon, Utah, and South Dakota stand out for their commitment to providing exceptional facilities, building community engagement, and nurturing top-tier talent. Whether you’re a novice looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned competitor seeking new challenges, these states offer diverse opportunities to explore and excel in the thrilling world of pickleball.

News in Brief: 2024’s Top Pickleball States in the USA

In 2024, several states have distinguished themselves as top destinations for pickleball enthusiasts across the USA. Hawaii leads with picturesque courts and an average DUPR rating of 4.040, offering over 100 courts concentrated on Oahu and notable talents like Jaume Martinez Vich. Vermont, with a DUPR rating of 3.870, boasts over 50 courts amid its scenic landscapes, supported by active community engagement through the Vermont Pickleball Association. Oregon, with an average DUPR rating of 3.845, shines with numerous courts in Bend and Portland, hosting major tournaments like the Willamette Valley Open.

Utah emerges as a rising star, featuring facilities in Salt Lake City and St. George, fostering competitive environments with tournaments like the Thank You Thackeray and SLC Slam. South Dakota showcases rapid growth in pickleball popularity, expanding facilities in Sioux Falls and Rapid City, supported by local clubs and community initiatives promoting the sport statewide.

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