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New Pickleball Courts in Hibbing set for Celebration

New Pickleball Courts in Hibbing: Pickleball, America’s fastest-growing sport, has found a new home in Hibbing with the unveiling of dedicated courts at Bennett Park. This $380,000 project, supported by a blend of private and public funding, marks a significant milestone for the Central Range Pickleball Club, which attained non-profit status in 2022 and spearheaded efforts to bring the courts to fruition.

Modeled after successful installations in Grand Rapids, the courts are a source of excitement among local enthusiasts. Tom Jamar, a board member of the club, expressed that the courts were modeled after those in Grand Rapids, generating excitement among everyone who is now ecstatic to finally have a place to play.

“They are modeled after the courts in Grand Rapids. Everyone is ecstatic to finally have a place to play,”  -( Tom Jamar )

Ed LaTendresse, another board member, emphasized the club’s desire for newcomers to feel at ease and encouraged to try pickleball, regardless of their prior experience with the sport.

“We want people to feel comfortable, especially if they haven’t played before, to come and try it out.” – ( Ed LaTendresse )

Previously, players relied on Lincoln Elementary’s tennis courts, facing challenges like parking shortages and competition for court time. The new courts at 503 E 16th Street aim to alleviate these issues while fostering a vibrant pickleball community.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony is scheduled for Wednesday at 3:30 PM to commemorate this milestone in Hibbing’s recreational landscape.

Location Bennett Park, Hibbing
Project Cost $380,000
Funding Sources Private and public
Court Address 503 E 16th Street
Event Details Ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday at 3:30 PM

News in Brief: New Pickleball Courts in Hibbing

Hibbing celebrates the introduction of dedicated pickleball courts at Bennett Park, marking a significant milestone facilitated by a $380,000 project funded through a mix of private and public support.

Spearheaded by the Central Range Pickleball Club, which achieved non-profit status in 2022, the courts emulate successful models from Grand Rapids and promise to alleviate previous challenges faced by players at Lincoln Elementary’s tennis courts.

Local enthusiasm is palpable as community members eagerly anticipate the courts’ official unveiling at 503 E 16th Street, scheduled for a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday at 3:30 PM, symbolizing a vibrant addition to Hibbing’s recreational landscape.

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