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Pickleball Warehouse in Homewood Set to Open as Inclusive Sports Hub

Pickleball Warehouse in Homewood Set to Open: Pickleball is currently a trending topic in the U.S. sports industry and community. This fast-growing sport, a hybrid of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, has seen a rise in popularity across all age groups. With its easy-to-learn rules and social nature, pickleball has become a favorite activity in parks, recreational centers, and even dedicated facilities nationwide. The sport’s rapid rise is reflected in the increasing number of pickleball tournaments, clubs, and enthusiasts joining the pickleball movement.

Homewood is about to get a new hotspot that promises to deliver both inclusivity and fun—welcome to Pickleball Warehouse. Bryan Wigginton, the visionary behind this venture, is determined to make pickleball a game for everyone.

“Everybody has to play with everybody”- Wigginton emphasizing the community spirit at the heart of his initiative.

Breaking Stereotypes: Pickleball for All Ages

Pickleball often carries the image of an upscale pastime, but Wigginton aims to take apart that notion. His goal is to make the sport approachable and inclusive. 

“We want to make it approachable so that anyone can come in find a game and play.”- Wigginton

Transforming Spaces: From Biking to Pickleball

Bryan and his wife, Alexa, have repurposed the former Wheel Mill, an indoor biking facility, into a state-of-the-art pickleball center with 19 courts. This transformation symbolizes their commitment to providing a versatile and vibrant community space.

Wigginton explains that the facility includes an area where food trucks can easily drive in, with plans to feature a variety of food and beer trucks. Additionally, there is an event space intended to host local beverage vendors, offering people the opportunity to sample their products.

“We have an area where food trucks can just drive in. We hope to have a variety of food trucks, same thing with beer trucks. Then, we have an event space where we are hoping to bring in a lot of local beverage places so that people can try them out.”  -( Bryan Wigginton )

Affordable Fun: Building Local Connections

For just $10, visitors can enjoy an entire day at the facility, including any events taking place. No need to worry about equipment either—pickleball paddles are available for rent at $5. Wigginton’s pricing strategy ensures that the facility remains accessible to everyone.

Wigginton’s aspirations extend beyond just sports. He envisions Pickleball Warehouse as a community hub. “We’d love to partner with the local YMCA. I was a schoolteacher, I miss that. I’d love to have a summer camp for kids,” he shares.

Tonia Young, an employee at the community favorite Showcase BBQ, sees this kind of local engagement as crucial for the success of the new business.

“Offer classes so everyone can know what it’s about, It’s a chance for everyone to take advantage of it and learn a new game.”-(t0nia young)

Opening Soon: A New Chapter for Homewood

The Pickleball Warehouse is set to officially open later in July, bringing with it a fresh wave of activities and opportunities for the Homewood community. Wigginton’s pickleball project promises not just a place to play, but a space where everyone feels welcome and included.

Pickleball Warehouse in Homewood Set to Open

News in Brief: Pickleball Warehouse in Homewood Set to Open

Pickleball is rapidly gaining popularity across the U.S., blending elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong into an inclusive, easy-to-learn sport. Homewood’s new Pickleball Warehouse, founded by Bryan Wigginton, embodies this inclusive spirit, transforming the former Wheel Mill into a 19-court facility. With plans for food and beer trucks and a local beverage event space, it aims to be a community hub. For $10, visitors get full-day access, with paddle rentals at $5. Wigginton hopes to partner with local organizations and offer kids’ summer camps, promoting community engagement. The facility is set to open in July.

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