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Winners of Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament 2024: All Results

Winners of Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament 2024: The 2024 Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament, hosted from June 27-30 at the Carrie Blake Community Park courts, showcased a thrilling display of skill and competition across various divisions.

Pickleball enthusiasts from near and far gathered to participate in this highly anticipated event, which featured intense matches and camaraderie among players of all ages and skill levels. From the exhilarating rallies to the strategic gameplay, each division brought its own flavor to the tournament, highlighting the growing popularity and excitement surrounding pickleball as a sport. Participants and spectators alike enjoyed the community spirit and sportsmanship that defined this year’s Sequim Fling.

Winners of Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament 2024


                                                 Mixed doubles
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
3 Aneta Bunk-Jeremy Keddie Stuart Snipper-Emmy Sunshine Rodney Diseker-Sherry Gyovai
4 Libby Hartman-Kendal Wake Peter Berg-Erin Phillips Drew Crandall-Emily Crandall
4.5+ Jennifer Bresler-Dan Herndon Brett Anderberg-Courtney Jenkins Mallory Milligan-Michael Nizic
5-39, 3.5 Kate Pippinger-Nicholas Toglia Jeffrey Dennison-Shay Pippinger Kris Rosentrater-Noella Rosentrater
40 and older, 3.5 Kathy Hunter-Spencer Pruitt Jeff Thaxton-Shannon Thaxton Brian Gunderson-Rebecca Gunderson
Senior 50-59, 3.5 Lisa Johnson-Patrick Schell Jenny Conaty-Jeremy Keddie Don Little-Dawn Reyes
Senior 50-64, 4.0 Brett Krueger-Cheryl Krueger Michael Kelly-Debbie Power Jon Hussey-Kimberly Nizic
Senior 55-64, 3.0 Kris Wayland-Mark Wayland Laura Hogan-Mark Linder Rodney Diseker-Sherry Gyovai
Senior 60-69, 3.5 Phill Baber-Susan Dalgamouni Lydia Ruiz-Jim Schoenduve Char Reeves-Steven Reeves
Senior 65-69, 3.0 Diana Froula-Doug Webb Stephanie Merrill-Bill Truckenmiller Joe Milligan-Melinda Milligan
Senior 70-79, 3.5-4.0 Don Church-Mary Critchlow Margaret Daniels-Jim Osborn Laura Kriese-Phil Milliman
Senior 70 and older, 3.0 Annette Clem-Ken Wahl Daniel Wenceslao-Marguerite Wenceslao Ron Baumgardner-Lynda Schroeder


                                                  Men’s Doubles
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
3.0 (round robin) Ronald Hopkins-Brian Wetzler Davin Lee-Yiu Fun Derek Lee Mike Mingee-Alex Springer
4.0 (round robin) Mike Jelinek-Ryan Phasiuk Moe Hussein Ahmed-Jon Olson Jeffrey Chen-Riley Chen
5-39, 3.5 Jeremy Keddie-George Vaughan Wynn Gunnar Nelson-Spencer Pruitt Thomas Gehman-Ty Hathaway
40 and older, 3.5 Kris Rosentrater-Jonathan Thwaites Jeffrey Dennison-Drew Early Michael Carnegie-Daniel Weller
50-54, 4.5+ Robert Isaacson-Brett Kruger Curt Haugen-Michael Nizic
50-59, 3.0-3.5 Neal McCulloch-Kris Rosentrater Steven Reeves-Timothy Williams Scott Jackson-Jeff Thaxton
Senior 50-64, 4.0-4.5 Randall Anderson-G. Dean Oswald Daryl Ness-Kendall Wake Sean Courage-Don Little
Senior 60-64, 3.0-3.5 Vern Lavigne-Patrick Schell Gerald Bryson-Oswaldo Herrera Larry Hueth-Steven Newkirk
Senior 65-69, 3.0-3.5 Guy Cook-Jud Jackson Drew Early-James Kriens Don Bryon-Steven Smolinski
Senior 65-79, 3.5-4.0 Gerald Gilmore-Gilly Gilmore Pat Funk-Kevin Weed Don Church-Phil Milliman
Senior 70 and older, 3.0 Arill Berg-Michael Hominda Arnold Bleicher-Daniel Wenceslao Ron Baumgardner-Alan Woodcock


Women’s Doubles
Category 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
3.0-3.5 Becky Carlson-Natalie Haywood Kathy Hunter-Stacey Nelson Lindsey Brady-Lindsey Bang
4 Stefani Hoots-Akiko Westerhout Aubrie Jenkins-Shannon Thaxton Libby Hartman-Kimberly Nizic
4.5+ Jennifer Bresler-Courtney Jenkins Melissa Band Knudsen-Emily Crandall Mallory Milligan-Dayna Taus
Senior 50-64, 3.0 Melinda Milligan-Jeanie Shelton Laura Hogan-Char Reeves Kate Calderwood-Trich Nelson
Senior 50-69, 3.5-4.0 Kathy Hunter-Stacey Nelson Mary Critchlow-Sharlene Shiroma Karin Franco-Debbie Powers
Senior 65-69, 3.0 Diane Froula-Andrea Jenks Annette Clem-Sherry Gyovai Helen Hendrickson-Suzanne Droppert
Senior 70-79, 3.0-3.5 Laura Kriese-Teresa Martin Margaret Daniels-Sharman Owings Katinka Nanna-Lynda Schroeder
70 and older, 3.0 Katinka Nanna-Lynda Schroeder Jane Dicus-Betty Gelston
70 and older, 3.5 Margaret Daniels-Sharman Owings
Laura Kriese-Teresa Martin

Winners of Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament 2024

News in Brief: Winners of Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament 2024

The 2024 Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament, held at Carrie Blake Community Park courts from June 27-30, showcased remarkable skill and camaraderie across diverse divisions. Pickleball enthusiasts from various age groups and skill levels competed fiercely in mixed doubles and men’s doubles categories. Highlights included Aneta Bunk and Jeremy Keddie’s victory in mixed doubles 3.0, and Ronald Hopkins and Brian Wetzler’s win in men’s doubles 3.0. The tournament not only celebrated the sport’s growing popularity but also exemplified sportsmanship and community spirit among participants.

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