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Pickleball Courts Added to Nampa Parks in Phase 3 Expansion

Pickleball Courts Added to Nampa Parks: In a significant expansion for local recreation, Nampa’s Orah Brandt Park unveiled Phase 3 with the addition of six new pickleball courts, alongside basketball half-courts and a softball diamond.

The community gathered on Wednesday, joined by Mayor and Parks and Recreation officials, to commemorate the latest phase of development in one of Nampa’s emerging park spaces. With the city’s continuous growth and new neighborhoods sprouting, the expansion of park facilities aligns with the spirit of Parks and Recreation Month.

Originally planning for three pickleball courts, the city responded to overwhelming demand by doubling the count to six, reflecting the sport’s rising popularity among residents.

“I drive by these things all the time,” remarked Nephi Dumar, eager for the courts’ opening after months of anticipation.

The inauguration event highlighted the park’s evolution as a hub for diverse recreational activities, catering to all ages and fostering community engagement.

In the ongoing expansion of Nampa and its parklands, there is a growing enthusiasm for pickleball, noted Darrin Johnson, Director of Nampa’s Parks & Rec. The completion of this phase in July underscores the city’s commitment to enhancing recreational opportunities.

“It’s always fun to try to open a park every year and we knew that this was scheduled to open in July and luckily for us, it stayed on schedule and we were able to open up this phase,”

-(Darrin Johnson)

The sport’s inclusivity and appeal across generations were evident in Nephi’s expressed his fondness for pickleball, citing his enjoyment of competing against 80-year-old opponents who can still outperform him. He emphasized the appeal of a sport that remains enjoyable and competitive even into older age.

“I like it because I’m getting older now, I play against 80-year-old guys that can still beat me and it’s like ‘what!’ So that’s what I look at. I need to get a sport that I can do when I’m 80 and still have fun at it, be competitive,”

-(Nephi Dumar)

The sport’s accessibility has significantly contributed to its rapid growth, a factor that Nampa Parks and Rec considered carefully when deciding to construct the new courts.

“We got a lot of community input about pickleball. When we first started looking at pickleball we only had three courts planned but through the process, we decided to put six courts in because of the interest,” Johnson mentioned.

Pickleball Courts Added to Nampa Parks

News in Brief: Pickleball Courts Added to Nampa Parks

Nampa’s Orah Brandt Park celebrated the opening of Phase 3, adding six pickleball courts, basketball half-courts, and a softball diamond. The event, attended by the mayor, Parks and Recreation officials, and the public, marked a significant expansion in line with the city’s growth and Parks and Recreation Month. Initially planning for three courts, the city doubled the number due to high demand, highlighting pickleball’s rising popularity. Darrin Johnson, Director of Nampa’s Parks & Rec, emphasized the city’s commitment to recreational opportunities. Nephi Dumar, a local enthusiast, praised the sport’s inclusivity and appeal, noting its competitiveness and enjoyment across all ages.

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