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Montgomery County Welcomes 2 Indoor Pickleball Centers: Amazing Pickleball Update

Montgomery County Welcomes 2 Indoor Pickleball Centers: As Montgomery County welcomes 2 Indoor Pickleball centers this summer at two different locations, it leads to marking a significant milestone for enthusiasts of this rapidly growing sport. Dill Dinkers, spearheaded by Andrew Wakefield, a seasoned veteran with a passion for real estate development and pickleball, is set to unveil its first two locations in Hatboro and Lansdale this August. With a background in business and sports, Wakefield’s vision for Dill Dinkers is poised to make a lasting impact on the local pickleball community.

The facilities, strategically situated at 330 S Warminster Rd. in Hatboro and 1180 Church Rd. in Lansdale, promise to provide an unparalleled experience for players of all skill levels. Hatboro boasts an impressive array of 19 dedicated indoor courts, while Lansdale offers 11 courts equipped with top-notch amenities, including fences, event spaces, ball machines, pro shops, and a cutting-edge reservation system powered by CourtReserve.

But Dill Dinkers is not just about providing court time, it’s about encouraging a vibrant pickleball culture. Beyond the courts, the forthcoming locations will offer a comprehensive range of services, including clinics, private and semi-private lessons, open play sessions, round robins, leagues, and event rentals. Additionally, local businesses will have the opportunity to leverage Dill Dinkers for advertising and hosting corporate events, further solidifying its role as a hub for recreation and fellowship engagement.

Wakefield, A former tennis player, now embracing pickleball, selected Montgomery County for its thriving and expanding pickleball scene. His decision to establish Dill Dinkers in Montgomery County was driven by the region’s vibrant pickleball scene and its potential for growth. With plans to expand across Chester and Montgomery counties, Wakefield is laying the groundwork for a network of pickleball facilities that will serve as focal points for the sport’s enthusiasts.

For Wakefield, pickleball is more than just a game; it’s a passion that he is eager to share with the communities of Hatboro and Lansdale. His commitment to providing perpetual access to quality facilities reflects his dedication to fostering a sense of friendship and connection among players.

Pickleball is truly an all-encompassing sport and being a player myself, I am confident Hatboro and Lansdale will appreciate Dill Dinkers as much as I do.” – (Wakefield)

“We’re eager to open in early August and offer all players access to court time year-round. I am looking forward to building meaningful relationships through my Dill Dinkers business by meeting, supporting, and employing people who are just as passionate about the sport and the community it cultivates.” – (Wakefield)

As the countdown to the grand openings in August begins, anticipation is building. The Lansdale location will kick off its debut with the Pickleball Showdown at Dill Dinkers Lansdale, a tournament organized in partnership with Brandon Fritze, a prominent Philadelphia-based pickleball player. With singles, doubles, and mixed games on the agenda, participants can look forward to competing for winnings and prizes, all while celebrating the sport they love. The tournament’s start times will be disclosed following the closure of registration on August 16th at 11:55 p.m.

News in Brief: Montgomery County Welcomes 2 Indoor Pickleball Centers

Dill Dinkers, led by Andrew Wakefield, is opening two indoor pickleball centers in Hatboro and Lansdale, Montgomery County, this August. The Hatboro location will have 19 courts, while Lansdale will offer 11, with top amenities and a reservation system.

Dill Dinkers aims to foster a vibrant pickleball culture by offering clinics, lessons, open play, leagues, and event rentals. The Lansdale location will debut with a Pickleball Showdown tournament in August. Wakefield, a former tennis player, chose Montgomery County for its growing pickleball scene and plans to expand further in the region.

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