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Pickleball Gains Popularity in Hampton with New Community Games

Pickleball Gains Popularity in Hampton: Folks in Hampton seeking a fun and healthy activity on Wednesday and Sunday evenings now have an exciting option: pickleball. A group of residents has started playing this rapidly growing sport at the Hampton Auditorium, and they are eager to welcome new players.

The initiative began when former Hampton residents Larry and Lois (Jensen) Bare, who relocated to Scottsbluff last July, donated pickleball equipment. “They were moving and needed to downsize,” explained Craig Dallegge, one of the six current regular players. “They played a lot and talked about it, but none of us had ever played. They said, ‘You’ll like it!’

Following the donation, the court quickly attracted 10-15 players, who enjoyed the tennis-like game twice a week. However, the number of regular participants has since dwindled to six. The core group consists mostly of members from Hampton High School classes of 1971 and 1973, but everyone in the community is welcome to join.

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“We have one farmer, and this winter he played pretty much every time,” Dallegge noted. He was a regular, but now his performance is likely to fluctuate.

To participate regularly, players need a key fob for auditorium access, which costs $20 annually. For newcomers without their own paddles and balls, there are extras available to try out the sport. “They can try it out, and if they like it, they can come back,” Dallegge said.

Community members interested in playing pickleball can visit the Hampton Auditorium on Wednesday evenings at 6 p.m. and Sunday evenings at 5 p.m. The organizers hope to see more locals join in this engaging and social activity, enhancing the recreational options in Hampton.

News in Brief : Pickleball Gains Popularity in Hampton

Hampton residents now have a fun, healthy activity with pickleball at the Hampton Auditorium on Wednesdays and Sundays. Initiated by a donation from former residents Larry and Lois Bare, the sport has attracted a small core group but welcomes new players. A key fob for access costs $20 annually, and extra paddles and balls are available for newcomers. Organizers hope more locals will join this engaging and sociable activity.

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