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Lawton Embraces Pickleball Craze with Epic Court Upgrades

Lawton Embraces Pickleball Craze: Larry Parks, the Director of Lawton Parks and Recreation, believes that basketball, volleyball, and tennis have long been cherished activities for outdoor exercise. However, a new sport is capturing local attention—pickleball.

Really what it does is gives our community the opportunity to move into the future,” said Larry Parks

Recently, Gray Warr Park in west Lawton underwent court resurfacing to accommodate this burgeoning trend. While maintaining existing tennis facilities, the addition of pickleball court lines now allows enthusiasts to enjoy both sports concurrently.

What you’re gonna have is the two main courts will be and pickleball on the inside. So when tennis is not being played, pickleballers can take over at the end of each court, there will be an additional pickleball court.. you can have two matches going on at one time and two pickleball matches going on at one time,” Parks explained. The initiative doesn’t stop there; Parks envisions adding at least two pickleball courts to every city park.

The community response has been overwhelmingly positive. “People have been asking for pickleball, and now we’re delivering,” Parks remarked. Beyond court enhancements, upcoming park improvements include playground upgrades, improved parking, and enhanced lighting.

Excited about the prospect, Parks anticipates the courts will be open for play starting June 13th, offering residents a new way to stay active and engage with the community.

Parks wants citizens to know he hears them and plans to continue improving city parks. “There’s been so many people stopping us and saying ‘hey are we going to get pickleball? You’re going to get pickleball, okay?’,” he said. Parks said citizens can expect to see upgraded playgrounds, parking lots, lights, and more, in addition to the new courts.

Pickleball is the most exciting thing coming to our community that I’ve seen in a long time,” Parks said.

News in Brief : Lawton Embraces Pickleball Craze

Larry Parks, Director of Lawton Parks and Recreation, has upgraded Gray Warr Park to include pickleball courts alongside existing tennis facilities, funded by 2019 CIP Funds. Responding to community demand, Parks plans to add pickleball courts to every city park. Anticipated to open on June 13th, these enhancements aim to modernize recreational offerings and foster community engagement in Lawton.

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