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Texas Ranchers Plan to Transform Austin With the Pickleball Craze

Texas Ranchers Plan to Transform Austin: In a surprising revelation for local sports enthusiasts, Austin boasts a professional pickleball team known as the Texas Ranchers, competing in the esteemed Major League Pickleball. Led by CEO Evan Floersch, the team sets ambitious goals, aiming to establish itself as “America’s pickleball team” and the league’s most esteemed and profitable franchise.

The Texas Rangers roster showcases a diverse lineup, with standout players selected through a rigorous draft process. Among them are Christian Alshon, a top pick in the league; Etta Wright, recognized as the sole Tongan participant in the sport; former Olympic tennis player Tina Pisnik; and Pablo Tellez, each bringing unique strengths to the team’s dynamic.

We’ve got Christian Alshon, who was our number one overall draft pick, We have Etta Wright, who is the only Tongan in the sport. We’ve got Tina Pisnik who is an ex-Olympian tennis player and then we’ve got Pablo Tellez.”- said Floersch

Competing in the premier division alongside eleven other formidable teams, the Ranchers have already ignited a spirited rivalry with the Dallas Flash, a team owned by renowned entrepreneur Mark Cuban. This Texas showdown promises to intensify the league’s competition, drawing considerable attention from fans and stakeholders alike.

The Ranchers are supported by over 30 dedicated owners, including notable celebrities such as Kendra Scott, Bobby Bones, Lil Wayne, and Bijan Robinson.

Despite a season devoid of tournaments in Austin this year, fans can still revel in the action through local watch parties or live broadcasts on ESPN and FOX, underscoring the league’s growing media presence and fan engagement.

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Looking ahead, CEO Evan Floersch remains optimistic about pickleball’s trajectory in Austin, foreseeing continued growth and integration into the city’s cultural fabric.

News in Brief : Texas Ranchers Plan to Transform Austin

Austin’s Texas Ranchers, led by CEO Evan Floersch, are making strides in Major League Pickleball. With a diverse roster featuring players like Christian Alshon and Tina Pisnik, the team aims to become “America’s pickleball team.” Their rivalry with Mark Cuban’s Dallas Flash and backing from celebrities such as Kendra Scott and Lil Wayne highlight pickleball’s growing appeal. Despite no local tournaments this year, fans can watch on ESPN and FOX. Floersch predicts continued growth and integration of pickleball into Austin’s culture, aiming to cement the Ranchers’ legacy in the community.

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