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Life Time Fitness Introduce 29 Courts in Atlanta Facility

Life Time Fitness introduce 29 courts in Atlanta facility: Life Time Fitness has made a decisive move to welcome the rapidly growing sport of pickleball, announcing plans for a substantial expansion of courts at their Peachtree Corners facility in Atlanta. This strategic initiative shows their commitment to meeting the rising demand among members and players nationwide.

Commitment to Pickleball: A Strategic Decision

Since declaring their dedication to pickleball in 2021, Life Time Fitness has positioned itself as the largest owner and operator of dedicated pickleball courts in the United States. Natalie Bushaw, Vice President of Public Relations, emphasized their proactive response to the increasing interest among members, highlighting their portfolio now boasting nearly 700 pickleball courts across their extensive club network.

In 2021, Life Time declared that we were “all-in” on pickleball. To that end, we’ve become the largest owner and operator of dedicated pickleball courts in the United States. We’ve seen a surge of demand for pickleball among our members and currently operate nearly 700 pickleball courts across our portfolio of clubs,” mentioned Peachtree Corners facility, Vice President of Public Relations and Corporate Communications.

The Peachtree Corners Expansion: Elevating the Experience

The centerpiece of Life Time’s pickleball initiative resides in their Peachtree Corners location, set to feature an impressive 29 courts. Among these are 12 meticulously designed indoor courts and 17 expansive outdoor courts, with four of them thoughtfully equipped with stadium seating. This enhancement not only caters to the discerning needs of players but also elevates the overall spectator experience, setting it apart as a premier sporting venue.

“Interest in and demand for pickleball continues to explode, and we’re excited to offer a world-class destination that elevates the profile of pickleball not just at Peachtree Corners and for Life Time, but the sport as a whole.”- (Natalie Bushaw)

Life Time Fitness introduce 29 courts in Atlanta facility

Setting a New Standard: World-Class Amenities

The addition of stadium seating at select courts highlights Life Time’s commitment to providing a world-class pickleball experience. Natalie Bushaw showed their ambitious aim to establish Peachtree Corners as a definitive top-tier destination, ensuring it remains perfect in catering to the diverse needs of members, athletes, and avid spectators alike.

Supporting Pickleball’s Growth: Beyond Facility Expansion

While aggressively expanding their pickleball facilities, Life Time Fitness remains steadfast in their commitment to preserving the sporting legacy of tennis. The strategic inclusion of “Pickleball” in their signage signifies a dual commitment to both sports, ensuring all members feel valued and catered to in their sporting preferences.

Looking forward, Life Time aims not purely to meet but to exceed expectations, positioning themselves as the pinnacle of health and fitness clubs nationwide. With pickleball’s rise in popularity, their substantial investment shows their proactive stance in delivering unparalleled experiences and promoting community engagement.

Life Time Fitness introduce 29 courts in Atlanta facility

A Promising Future for Pickleball

Life Time’s comprehensive approach to expanding pickleball facilities at Peachtree Corners reflects a broader trend in the sport’s growing popularity and cultural significance. By providing state-of-the-art amenities and unwavering support across all levels of play, they demonstrate a commitment to nurturing a thriving pickleball community nationwide. As pickleball continues to gain momentum, Life Time’s proactive initiative stands as a statement to the sport’s enduring appeal and potential for continued growth and innovation within the health and fitness industry.

News in Brief: Life Time Fitness introduce 29 courts in Atlanta facility

Pickle ball A blend of tennis, badminton an table tennis, its popularity on its peak, considering this, Life Time Fitness is significantly expanding its pickleball offerings at Peachtree Corners, Atlanta, with plans for 29 courts, including indoor and outdoor options with stadium seating. This move underscores their commitment to meet growing demand, making them the largest operator of dedicated pickleball courts in the U.S. Since declaring their focus on pickleball in 2021, they’ve seen substantial member interest, aiming to enhance both player and spectator experiences. This expansion reflects their proactive approach to supporting pickleball’s rise, while continuing to cater to tennis enthusiasts as well. Life Time aims to set a new standard in health and fitness club amenities nationwide

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