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Seguin’s New Sports Craze: Everyone’s Hooked

Seguin’s New Sports Craze: A town where the days are painted in the warm hues of southern hospitality and the evenings resonate with the rhythmic clack of pickleball paddles. The city’s growing love affair with pickleball is not just a reflection of a national trend; it’s a statement to the community’s spirit and inclusivity.

Drive past the Seguin Pickleball Courts across from the Saegert campus on Mountain Street. Pickleball, with its easy accessibility and universal appeal, has become a magnet for families, senior citizens, and anyone looking to blend exercise with outdoor fun.

Seguin Parks and Recreation Director, Jack Jones, offers a window into this vibrant scene. “What’s making pickleball such a great fit for Seguin is those who have been sharing their love and knowledge of pickleball to promote and grow the sport here in our community,” Jones said. “They have been volunteering their time, talent, and resources to others wanting to join in on the fun. I have heard so many good things about the courts being a great place to meet new friends and share a laugh or two. The courts are bringing not only families together, but also the community.

Integral to this community are certified instructors and pickleball ambassadors, whose passion fuels the sport’s local growth. One standout resource is Pecan City Disc Golf, a shop primarily dedicated to disc golf but also a heaven for pickleball enthusiasts. Owner Jericho Lomas ensures that USAPA tournament-approved equipment is always in stock, sparing residents the hassle of traveling for their gear.

Seguin's New Sports Craze

The city of Seguin’s investment in its pickleball courts has paid dividends, attracting not just local players but also visitors seeking a quality place to play. Evening hours are particularly popular, with the sound of paddles and the squeak of shoes creating a lively soundtrack long after sunset.

Monday’s and Thursday’s after 6:30 p.m. appear to be our busiest times,” Jones noted. “There is also a group of ladies that play on Tuesday mornings. Families are there as well on Saturday mornings. Texan Lutheran University has some of their students out there Tuesdays/Thursdays from 2:30-3:30 pm. Courts are available for open play 8 a.m. to 10 pm daily. Overall, in the evenings alone, the courts see about 50-60 players a night, and the extreme heat or cold does not scare anyone away! There is rarely a time I drive by, and the courts are not in use. The courts are getting a lot of traffic from those of all ages and abilities.

National trends mirror Seguin’s enthusiasm. According to a 2023 report from the Sports & Fitness Industry Association, approximately nine million people played pickleball in 2022, a staggering 159 percent increase over three years.

Seguin’s Parks and Recreation Department is not resting on its achievements. They offer spring and fall leagues for adults, welcoming players from beginners to advanced. Jones shared his excitement about upcoming plans. “We have adult clinics for those wanting to learn to play this fall,” he said. “In addition, we also offer Youth Clinics – Learn to Play Clinics in Spring and Fall as well as Youth Camps – Beginners Camp this June and Advanced Camp this Fall.

News in Brief : Seguin’s New Sports Craze

As the golden evenings of summer stretch out, the Seguin Pickleball Courts will undoubtedly continue to be a hub of activity, laughter, and community spirit. In Seguin, pickleball is more than a sport; it’s a beacon of togetherness in the heart of Texas.

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