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Upper Level Pickleball project In Chubbuck is scheduled in 2025

Upper Level Pickleball project in Chubbuck is scheduled in 2025: Plans for a transformative development are underway, featuring the construction of the Extreme Rush family fun center and Upper Level indoor pickleball courts in Chubbuck. Despite initial setbacks with property appraisals, progress is now accelerating towards an anticipated spring 2025 opening. Spearheaded by Sidney Davis of Extreme Rush and Josh Ellis of Upper Level Developers, the project promises to deliver extensive recreational options and community amenities.

Construction Updates and Challenges

Sidney Davis highlighted delays related to property appraisals, crucial for progressing with the ambitious project. Josh Ellis explained the complexities involved, noting the scarcity of appraisers capable of handling such unique ventures in the state. Despite bureaucratic hurdles, necessary groundwork is now underway, setting the stage for imminent construction activities.

Ideally, we want to see our buildings going up this September or October,” Mentioned Sidney Davis, the co-founder of Extreme Rush alongside business partner Jason Hebdon. “Around then is when people will see the vacant house there get demolished, trench work getting done and construction vehicles out there. We’re hoping to have the facilities open by April or May 2025.

Upper Level Pickleball Facility and Community Integration

The Upper Level indoor pickleball facility, spanning 30,000 square feet with 10 courts, is already under construction. It aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities for both recreational and tournament-level play, open daily from early morning until late night. The development also includes plans for mixed-use buildings, featuring commercial spaces and residential units, along with a proposed rooftop restaurant offering panoramic views of the Portneuf Valley.

Upper Level Pickleball Facility and Community Integration Upper Level Pickleball project in Chubbuck

Extreme Rush Family Fun Center Details

The 60,000-square-foot Extreme Rush facility promises a diverse array of attractions including electric go-karts, escape rooms, arcade games, and virtual reality experiences. Originally planned with a high-tech mini golf course, the center pivoted based on maintenance considerations, opting for a more sustainable direction. It aims to cater as a comprehensive destination for family entertainment, complemented by dining options and party accommodations.

Project Location Size Expected Opening Current Status
Extreme Rush 211 East Linden Avenue 60,000 sq ft April or May 2025 Construction to begin September/October 2024
Upper Level Pickleball 152 Evans Lane 30,000 sq ft Spring 2025 Construction ongoing, road and infrastructure work underway
Mixed-Use Buildings Adjacent to above sites Five 5-story buildings Details not specified Plans include significant mixed-use development

Innovative Features and Community Engagement

Innovative elements like holographic mascot interactions, featuring the thrill-seeking sloth named Rush, are set to enhance visitor experiences at Extreme Rush. The facility plans to integrate advanced AI tools to allow interactive engagements with Rush, creating a unique and engaging environment. Additionally, a founder donation program has been established, offering various benefits to early supporters keen to be part of this venture.

News in Brief: Upper Level Pickleball project in Chubbuck is schedule in 2025.

The upcoming Chubbuck development will include the expansive Upper Level pickleball courts, Extreme Rush family fun center, scheduled to open by spring 2025. Challenges with property appraisals initially delayed the project, but construction is now advancing swiftly. Extreme Rush will offer diverse attractions like go-karts, escape rooms, and advanced interactive experiences, while Upper Level aims to become a premier venue for pickleball  with tournament-level facilities. The development also encompasses mixed-use buildings and a rooftop restaurant, enhancing community engagement and offering panoramic valley views.

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