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Community Clash Over Pickleball Courts in Fairfax County

Clash Over Pickleball Courts in Fairfax County: Residents of Annandale, Virginia, find themselves at odds with Fairfax County Park Authority over the fate of pickleball courts at Kendale Woods Park.

Sit-In Protest Halts Removal Efforts

A group of dedicated pickleball players took a stand when county workers attempted to convert the courts back to tennis-only use. The sit-in, initiated by four local players mid-match, aimed to prevent the removal of pickleball nets and maintain the courts’ multi-use functionality.

Resumption of Court Alterations Amid Security Measures

Despite community pushback and a temporary halt for discussions, Fairfax County Park Authority resumed efforts to reline the courts for tennis. In response to previous confrontations, security measures were implemented to ensure staff safety and maintain order during the renovation process.

On Friday, June 21, the Park Authority had representation present at the appointed time; however, no members of the community were in attendance, We felt this a reasonable precaution given the initial experience and our desire to ensure that our staff could fulfill their assignment in a peaceful, orderly fashion.” a spokesperson with the Fairfax County Park Authority said.

Future Plans and Community Response

While tensions remain high at Kendale Woods Park, Fairfax County Park Authority plans to mitigate the situation by installing dedicated pickleball courts nearby at Mason District Park by next year. This move is part of ongoing efforts to accommodate diverse recreational needs while navigating community concerns and ensuring a peaceful resolution to the dispute.

News in Brief: Clash Over Pickleball Courts in Fairfax County

Residents in Annandale, Virginia are in conflict with Fairfax County Park Authority over converting pickleball courts at Kendale Woods Park back to tennis-only use. A sit-in protest temporarily halted removal efforts, but the authority resumed re-lining the courts for tennis amidst security measures. Plans include creating dedicated pickleball courts at Mason District Park to resolve community disputes and accommodate recreational preferences.

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  1. This is not a complete story. The issue with these courts is that they are a neighborhood meeting spot for both pickleball players and non-players. These courts bring our community together and have allowed people to get to know each other in a way that wasn’t seen before they started being used for pickleball.

    The courts at Kendale Woods are not a pickleball hotspot; they are used for about 2 hours a day a couple of times a week. There have not been multiple complaints about the sound; there was a single complaint about the noise, and that complaint occurred in 2022.

    Furthermore, these courts are used by children in the neighborhood who would otherwise have to ride their bikes for a mile, crossing busy and dangerous roads, to get to other courts, that’s not feasible for them. This is a story about community and togetherness, and about the FCPA not following established guidelines.

    These courts are essential for fostering community spirit and providing a safe, local space for children and adults alike. The FCPA failed to recognize the importance of these courts to our neighborhood and adhere to their own guidelines to ensure fair and transparent decision-making- that is what this story is about.


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