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Williston Expands Outdoor Pickleball Facilities: Harmon Park Upgrade

Williston Expands Outdoor Pickleball: Pickleball enthusiasts in Williston will soon have reason to celebrate as the city moves forward with plans to construct outdoor pickleball courts near Harmon Park. Currently, players are limited to indoor facilities at the Williston ARC due to inadequate outdoor options.

Joe Barsh, Executive Director of Williston Parks and Recreation, expressed excitement about the project, which involves repurposing underutilized tennis and basketball courts into a state-of-the-art pickleball facility. The transformation will see the number of courts increase from two to eight, catering to the growing popularity of pickleball in the community.

Community Grant Fuels Transformation

Funding for the reconfiguration project was made possible through a community grant from Williams County. This financial support has enabled the Parks and Recreation department to undertake the necessary site preparations swiftly, aiming for completion ahead of the busy July 4 weekend.

“We went from two tennis courts to eight pickleball courts. Now that area is going to be booming. We’re super excited for it,”-(Joe Barsh)

Barsh highlighted the broader community impact of the project, emphasizing the potential for the area to become a hub of activity. The site, located on Main Street near the former Eckert Youth Pool, underwent demolition last year and is now poised for a new lease on life as a vibrant recreational space.

Future Plans and Community Engagement

Looking ahead, Parks and Rec is actively seeking public input to enhance the site further. Barsh mentioned ongoing efforts to address parking challenges in the area, acknowledging it as a priority alongside other potential site amenities. Community members are encouraged to participate by providing suggestions through the Parks and Rec website, ensuring that the facility meets the diverse needs of Williston residents.

This initiative reflects Williston’s commitment to expanding recreational opportunities and fostering community engagement through innovative urban planning and development.

Williston Expands Outdoor Pickleball

News in brief: Williston Expands Outdoor Pickleball

The city of Williston, ND, is enhancing its recreational offerings by constructing outdoor pickleball courts near Harmon Park. This project, funded by a community grant, will transform underutilized tennis and basketball courts into a state-of-the-art pickleball facility with eight courts. Scheduled for completion before July 4, the initiative aims to meet the growing demand for pickleball in the community and create a vibrant hub for recreational activities.

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