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Corbin Park’s Pickleball Courts:New Era in Spokane

Corbin Park’s Pickleball Courts: A city synonymous with community spirit and outdoor activity, embarks on a transformative journey with the unveiling of dedicated pickleball courts at Corbin Park. Amidst cheers from local enthusiasts and city officials alike, this development marks a significant stride towards enhancing recreational opportunities in the heart of the city. By repurposing traditional tennis facilities to cater specifically to pickleball, Spokane not only meets the burgeoning demand for this rapidly growing sport but also shows its commitment to building active, inclusive community spaces.

Corbin Park Debuts Dedicated Pickleball Courts

In Spokane, Washington, a new era of recreational sports unfolds as Corbin Park proudly unveils its latest addition: two state-of-the-art pickleball courts. This transformation, celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, marks a significant shift in the park’s offerings, replacing traditional tennis courts with facilities tailored specifically for pickleball enthusiasts.

“The same community spirit that brought light to the wonderful seasonal activities was central to the development of Spokane’s first dedicated pickleball courts, Thank you, members of the Corbin Park community, for providing the template of how a community and their park become one. Enjoy your new courts, and I imagine you will find creative ways to integrate them into your numerous events.” -(Bob Anderson)

Bob Anderson, president of the Spokane Parks Board, emphasized that the park embodies a perfect partnership between the community and its neighborhood, playing a vital role in community events such as hosting thousands of trick-or-treaters on Halloween and organizing an annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Pioneering Sport Court Renovations

Under the leadership of interim city administrator Garrett Jones, Spokane embarks on a comprehensive initiative to revitalize its sports infrastructure. The project, initiated last October with upgrades to surfacing and fencing, reflects a community-driven effort to enhance local amenities. With pickleball gaining traction as a favorite pastime among residents, the decision to convert existing tennis courts into dedicated pickleball facilities aligns with broader city plans for versatile, multi-use sport environments.

It is a great moment to be here to open up this investment in these courts at Corbin, which can serve as a model for future neighborhood park improvements,” he said. “Corbin Park is the guinea pig for more to come in the future.”

Embracing the Pickleball Phenomenon

Amidst a surge in pickleball’s popularity throughout the region, Spokane embraces the sport’s inclusion in its strategic development framework. Jones emphasizes the sport’s role in fostering community wellness and engagement, citing feedback that underscores the demand for improved recreational opportunities. As Corbin Park pioneers this transformation, residents and pickleball enthusiasts alike anticipate future expansions, such as proposed conversions of additional tennis courts at locations like Underhill Park. With the support of local clubs and community leaders, Spokane is poised to lead in providing accessible, high-quality recreational facilities tailored to meet the evolving needs of its diverse population.

“I don’t think this will be a popular open play court, we want to build some bigger ones for that,” he said. “But it’s a wonderful neighborhood to have it.”

Corbin Park's Pickleball Courts

News In Brief: Corbin Park’s Pickleball Courts

Corbin Park in Spokane, Washington, has transformed its sports offerings by introducing two new pickleball courts, replacing traditional tennis facilities. This initiative, led by interim city administrator Garrett Jones, responds to the rising popularity of pickleball among residents. It signifies Spokane’s commitment to enhancing recreational opportunities and fostering community engagement. The park’s modernization efforts, including upgrades to surfacing and fencing, set a precedent for future projects across the city, reflecting a proactive approach to meet evolving community needs and preferences.



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