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Galesburg Pickleball Court Upgrade Debate: Community Advocacy

Galesburg Pickleball Court Upgrade: In a proactive display of community involvement, Galesburg residents passionately advocated against proposed upgrades to the pickleball courts at Bateman Park during a recent City Council meeting. Their concerted efforts resulted in the Council deciding to delay a final decision on the matter.

Concerns Over Court Surface Suitability

The reputation for plastic tiles is not good among the pickleball community,” said Sue Hulett, retired Knox College professor and avid pickleball player.  “It’s not a good bounce.  There are dead spots.  So, there’s some real concern.  If you try to put plastic tiles on the surface we have out at Bateman, will that be a good fit?  We’re not sure it will be.

Local pickleball players, led by individuals like Sue Hulett and Lori Mason, expressed reservations about the planned replacement of the current courts with tile-based surfaces. According to Hulett, who highlighted issues with plastic tiles such as poor bounce and potential dead spots, the existing setup at Bateman Park is favored over similar courts at Lakeside Recreation Facility.

Evaluating Future Options

While acknowledging the need for improvements to the aging courts, players like Mason noted that merely resurfacing over existing cracks may not be a sustainable solution. Ideally, there’s a desire among players for a completely new facility, though they understand the associated cost challenges.

The surface at Bateman would be a good surface,” said Lori Mason, pickleball player.  “The problem is that, unfortunately over the years, (they city) just went over the top of (the surface that was there).  Any time there’s cracks, those cracks will eventually come back.”

News in Brief: Galesburg Pickleball Court Upgrade

The City of Galesburg intends to introduce sample court surfaces for players to test and evaluate. This proactive approach aims to ensure that any future decisions regarding court upgrades are informed by direct player experiences and preferences, fostering a collaborative process between the city and its pickleball community.

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