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Door County Pickleball Club: A Record-Breaking Season Awaits

Door County Pickleball Club: The Door County Pickleball Club is gearing up for an impressive 2024 outdoor season, with high expectations following a successful start. On June 9th, the club kicked off the season with a back-to-summer gathering at Sunset Park in Sturgeon Bay, drawing over 100 enthusiastic players.

Membership Surge and Community Engagement

Club President Jay Renstrom highlighted the club’s robust growth, ending the previous year with over 400 paid members and nearly reaching that number by June 10th this year. The club’s Facebook page boasts nearly 1,400 members, reflecting a thriving community. “A great indication of how membership is performing is to keep track of the percentage of new members,” Renstrom explained. The club has consistently seen new member rates surpassing 20% annually, with this year’s figure nearing 30%. This growth is attributed to the dedication of the Executive Committee and the active involvement of members. Every dollar from dues and donations is reinvested into supporting and expanding pickleball throughout Door County, from Washington Island to Sturgeon Bay.

“If this event is any indication of what’s to come, the county will need more pickleball courts.” – Renstrom

Exciting Events and Professional Engagements

The upcoming outdoor season promises a plethora of events for members and enthusiasts. The club will host a doubles tournament next weekend, followed by a singles tournament in early July at Sunset Park. On June 29th and 30th, LevelUP Pickleball Camp, the nation’s leading pickleball camp, will provide world-class instruction in Door County. The Annual Summer Social Event is slated for August. Additionally, pro-pickleball players Susannah Barr and Dominic Catalano will visit on August 23rd and 24th, conducting clinics and pro sessions at the Sevastopol Courts.  These events highlight the club’s commitment to fostering a vibrant pickleball community and providing top-tier opportunities for players of all levels.

Community Impact and Future Aspirations

The Door County Pickleball Club is not just about the sport; it’s about building a community. Renstrom and the Executive Committee have worked tirelessly to ensure that the club’s growth benefits the entire region. “Our vision is to create an inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy pickleball, regardless of age or skill level,” Renstrom stated. The club’s initiatives have significantly contributed to the local community, promoting health and wellness while offering a social outlet for residents. Looking ahead, the club aims to further expand its facilities and programs to accommodate the increasing number of pickleball enthusiasts. This dedication to growth and community involvement shows the club’s mission to make Door County a premier destination for pickleball.

A Thriving Pickleball Destination

As the 2024 outdoor season unfolds, the Door County Pickleball Club is set to continue its trajectory of growth and community engagement. The enthusiastic response to the season’s opening event and the promising membership numbers indicate a bright future for pickleball in Door County. With a calendar full of exciting events and professional engagements, the club is poised to provide an exceptional experience for all its members. The commitment to reinvesting every penny into the sport ensures that the club will keep thriving, making Door County a vibrant hub for pickleball enthusiasts.

Door County Pickleball Club

News in Brief: Door County Pickleball Club

The Door County Pickleball Club is gearing up for a record-breaking 2024 season, following a successful start with over 100 players at their June 9th event. Membership is nearing last year’s total of 400, with a high rate of new members. The club is hosting multiple events, including tournaments and clinics with pro players, emphasizing community engagement and reinvestment in local pickleball growth. The club aims to create an inclusive environment and expand its facilities to accommodate the increasing number of enthusiasts, solidifying Door County as a premier pickleball destination.

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