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Greenville’s Tribute to Greg Pearsall a Pickleball Champion

Greenville’s Tribute to Greg Pearsall: This weekend, along the bustling Wimbledon Drive in Greenville, North Carolina, the rhythmic thwack of pickleball paddles echoes in a heartfelt tribute known as ‘Playing for Pearsall.’ Greg Pearsall, a beloved figure at the Greenville Pickleball Club, is fondly remembered not just for his skill on the court but for his infectious joy and unwavering kindness.

Legacy of Passion and Kindness

Greg’s passion for competition was matched only by his commitment to the sport and the camaraderie it fostered. According to Payton Sauter, General Manager of the club, Greg was “just a joyful person to be around, he (Greg) always wanted to help people.”

“He loved to win, hated to lose, he was just a great person to be with on the court,” recalls Sauter, emphasizing Greg’s competitive spirit that endeared him to fellow players.

“We’re celebrating the lives of Greg Pearsall and Nick Pearsall,” says Greg’s wife Maria Pearsall, reflecting on their enduring legacy within the pickleball community.

“It’s good and it makes me feel and all of us, all the family, and the friends that were doing something to help others, something to support a community that Greg was part of and Nick too.” – Maria

A Tribute Through Sport

Tragically, Greg and his son Nick both succumbed to mental illness, leaving a void that deeply impacted their loved ones and the pickleball community at large. In response to this loss, Payton Sauter and Greg’s family conceived ‘Pickleball for Pearsall’—a weekend-long event dedicated to the sport Greg cherished, with all proceeds benefiting the North Carolina National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).

The event has drawn a poignant outpouring of support from friends, family, and fellow players, all united in their admiration for Greg’s spirit and their commitment to mental health advocacy. “Greg touched a lot of people’s lives, to see everyone come out and support and want their desire to be here in support of Greg in this memorial event is, touches my heart,” says Sauter, reflecting on the community’s response to the memorial event.

Memorializing Greg’s Spirit

As players gather on the courts adorned with Greg’s memorial poster, Maria feels his presence keenly. “He is definitely here, he is always with me, he is always with us,” she affirms, her voice filled with both sorrow and gratitude for the enduring impact of Greg’s life. Sauter adds, “We have his memorial poster in there, in the middle of the courts looking down the center of the courts, so he can watch everyone play all weekend.”

In the heart of Greenville, amidst the spirited volleys and cheers of camaraderie, ‘Playing for Pearsall’ stands as a testament to the power of sport to unite and heal—a fitting tribute to a man who left an indelible mark on the pickleball community and beyond.

Greenville's Tribute to Greg Pearsall

News in Brief: Greenville’s Tribute to Greg Pearsall

This weekend on Wimbledon Drive in Greenville, North Carolina, the vibrant sound of pickleball paddles pays homage to ‘Playing for Pearsall,’ a heartfelt tribute to Greg Pearsall, a beloved figure at the Greenville Pickleball Club known for his skill, joy, and kindness. Remembered fondly by friends and family, Greg’s legacy of passion and camaraderie lives on through this event, which honors his dedication to the sport and his community spirit.

Amidst the spirited competition, the event also raises awareness and funds for mental health advocacy, reflecting Greg’s enduring impact on those he touched. His presence is felt deeply as players gather in his memory, underlining the profound role of sport in healing and uniting communities.

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