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Casper Converts Tennis Courts to Pickleball to Meet Surging Demand

Casper Converts Tennis Courts to Pickleball: Residents driving past Highland Park may notice a transformation: two tennis courts have been repurposed into eight pickleball courts, reflecting the growing popularity of the sport in the community.

The Casper Tennis Complex, completed in late 2023, initially included plans for all courts to accommodate tennis. However, a swift reassessment led to the conversion of the northernmost courts to cater to pickleball enthusiasts.

According to Zulima Lopez, Director of Casper Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities, this decision stemmed from a memorandum of understanding between the city and county, acknowledging pickleball’s rapid rise as one of the country’s fastest-growing sports. The lack of dedicated outdoor pickleball facilities in Casper further fueled the decision.

“This decision was made in response to the fact that pickleball is widely known as one of the fastest growing sports in the country, the pickleball community in Casper is active and growing, and no dedicated outdoor pickleball courts existed in Casper at the time of the MOU” -Lopez

The conversion cost approximately $98,000. The process involved installing new fencing around the courts, reconfiguring surfaces, repairing cracks, and now finalizing with resurfacing and repainting.

Lopez highlighted community feedback as pivotal in expanding pickleball offerings. Indoor players at the Casper Rec Center and others using outdoor tennis courts advocated consistently for dedicated pickleball spaces.

“Various members of this group contacted City leadership frequently to request dedicated pickleball courts in the community.”  – Lopez

Scheduled for completion by the end of June 27, the courts are set to enhance recreational opportunities in Casper, though they are not yet available for use.

This transformation underscores Casper’s commitment to adapting recreational facilities to meet evolving community interests and needs.

News in Brief: Casper Converts Tennis Courts to Pickleball

In Casper, Wyoming, the transformation of two tennis courts into eight pickleball courts at Highland Park reflects the sport’s growing local popularity. Completed in late 2023, the $98,000 conversion responded to community demand, lacking dedicated pickleball facilities. Zulima Lopez, Director of Casper Parks, highlighted community feedback driving the decision, aiming to meet evolving recreational needs.

Despite scheduled completion by June 27, the courts are not yet operational. This adaptation underscores Casper’s commitment to adjusting recreational facilities, aligning with changing community interests and enhancing local recreational opportunities.

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