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Plans for Mitchell’s New Pickleball Courts: Status and Consideration

Plans for Mitchell’s New Pickleball Courts: Pickleball’s popularity is growing nationwide, cities like Mitchell to plan new, state-of-the-art court complexes. These facilities are not just meeting the demands of a growing player community but are also designed to adhere to global standards. By prioritizing accessibility and promoting active living, these developments signify a substantial investment in community well-being. They not only cater to local pickleball enthusiasts but also aim to create inclusive public spaces that enhance community vitality across all age groups.

The Mitchell City Council is set to deliberate on Monday about appointing an engineering firm to spearhead the design work for an upcoming pickleball court complex. The proposed firm, SPN and Associates, is slated to undertake comprehensive design services and other necessary engineering tasks, with an estimated cost of $53,000.

The project, approved for funding in the 2024 budget, will see the construction of six new pickleball courts at Hitchcock Park, adjacent to the existing tennis facilities. The total budget for the project is anticipated to reach $400,000, strenghtened by local fundraising efforts exceeding $100,000 and a recent $195,000 state grant awarded to the Parks and Recreation Department.

Parks and Recreation Director Kevin Nelson, noting the sport’s increasing popularity locally and nationally, has championed the initiative to provide dedicated pickleball facilities. Currently, pickleball enthusiasts use sections of the Hitchcock Park tennis courts, albeit with makeshift accommodations not fully meeting pickleball standards.

The completion of the pickleball court complex is projected for 2025, marking a significant advancement in Mitchell’s recreational infrastructure.

Aspect Details
Engineering Firm SPN and Associates
Design Services Cost $53,000 estimated
Location Hitchcock Park, across from existing tennis courts
Number of Pickleball Courts 6 new courts
Total Project Cost $400,000 estimated
Funding Sources $100,000 raised by local pickleball association $195,000 state grant
Project Timeline Completion expected in 2025
Recreational Impact Provides dedicated pickleball facilities aligned with growing local and national interest in the sport


Current Pickleball Courts in Mitchell

  1. LB Williams Elementary: LB Williams Elementary in Mitchell, SD offers 2 indoor pickleball courts with permanent court markings. Players must bring their own nets as these courts are privately maintained. Amenities such as restrooms and water facilities are available onsite.
  2. Hitchcock Park Tennis Courts: Hitchcock Park in Mitchell, SD features 2 outdoor concrete courts designated for pickleball. These courts are adapted from tennis courts, with lines overlaid for pickleball play, and the nets are slightly taller than standard pickleball nets. Amenities such as restrooms and water facilities are provided, and the courts are available for public use at no cost.

Plans for Mitchell's New Pickleball Courts (1)

3. City Armory: The City Armory in Mitchell, SD offers 2 indoor hard courts specifically set up for pickleball. These courts feature permanent markings, and portable nets are provided for play. The facility includes convenient amenities such as restrooms and water access, and usage of the courts is free of charge.

News In Brief: Plans for Mitchell’s New Pickleball Courts

As Pickleball is the new growing sport, Cities like Mitchell are responding to the booming popularity of pickleball by planning new court complexes. These facilities aim to meet the growing demand from players seeking specialized infrastructure that meets international standards. By focusing on accessibility and promoting healthy lifestyles, the development of new pickleball courts represents a significant investment in community recreation. This initiative not only supports local enthusiasts but also enhances public spaces, engaging inclusivity and vitality for residents of all ages.

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