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Proposal for Pickleball Court Center in Bucks County

Proposal for Pickleball Court Center in Bucks County: New pickleball facilities are rapidly expanding across the country, marking positive growth for the sport. Numerous new facilities are currently under proposal nationwide, signaling promising developments ahead. A new pickleball court center is on the horizon for Bucks County, offering enthusiasts a fresh venue to enjoy their sport. Newtown is considering a proposal to transform a vacant store in a bustling township shopping center into a hub for dinking, lobbing, and volleying, providing locals with expanded opportunities for pickleball.

The Planning Commission’s recent approval in June paves the way for an ambitious 11-court setup within the spacious confines of the former Bed, Bath and Beyond store on Eagle Road. Spearheaded by The Picklr, renowned for its chain of upscale pickleball facilities headquartered in Utah, this proposal promises a unique recreational haven.

“It’s better than an empty store”, enthused Peggy Driscoll, Chair of the Planning Commission, highlighting the community’s eagerness to revitalize the vacant store into a dynamic social hub.

“Pickleball is a lower-energy, low exertion activity, so it’s ideal for older folks who like to be active but at an easier pace than tennis,” -(Peggy Driscoll)

The Picklr’s vision emphasizes exclusivity, limiting membership to 1,500 enthusiasts. Each designed court will operate on a reservation-only basis, ensuring seamless integration into the bustling shopping center while preserving its tranquil atmosphere. Members will enjoy tailored experiences, with reservations accommodating up to four players per court during peak hours.

Tom Bannar, the facility’s passionate franchisee, showed its versatility beyond casual play, noting plans for corporate events where the entire facility can be rented for exclusive use.

“The group would have to rent the entire facility in order to have the event during a specific time slot.” -(Tom Bannar)

“This is NOT a gym or fitness facility,” he mentioned, emphasizing the cap on memberships at 1,500.

“Your average Planet Fitness … (has) anywhere from 8,000-12,000 members,” he mentioned.

Pending final approval at the upcoming July meeting, Newtown anticipates embracing a new era of leisure and community engagement, centered around the joy and camaraderie of pickleball.

News in Brief: Proposal for Pickleball Court Center in Bucks County

The Planning Commission’s recent approval marks a significant step toward establishing an 11-court pickleball center in Bucks County. Spearheaded by The Picklr, known for its upscale facilities, the proposal emphasizes exclusivity with a membership cap of 1,500. Offering reservation-only courts and potential for corporate events, the center aims to integrate seamlessly into the shopping center environment while catering to both casual players and dedicated enthusiasts alike. Pending final approval, Newtown anticipates revitalizing the space into a community-driven venue for pickleball and social engagement.

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