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Pickleball Event at Fenway Park: July 13-16

Pickleball Event at Fenway Park: Pickleball is experiencing high popularity in both nationally and globally. The sport is quickly expanding with new courts arising in communities everywhere, catering to a growing demand among players of all ages. Promotional efforts are also giving it a boost, highlighting pickleball’s appeal as a dynamic and inclusive paddle sport that blends elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis. Events and tournaments are now fixtures on calendars, occurring more frequently than ever before, attracting enthusiasts eager to showcase their skills and enjoy spirited competition. This rise signifies pickleball’s evolution from a cornered activity to a mainstream phenomenon uplifted by diverse communities worldwide.

BOSTON, MA – Fenway Park is set to transform into a pickleball hub from July 13 to 16, featuring a blend of professional tournaments, amateur competitions, and open play sessions for enthusiasts. This initiative is a collaboration with Pickleball4America (Pickle4), an organization aligned with the US Open Pickleball Championships, dedicated to fostering the growth of this rapidly expanding sport across America.

To manage the anticipated high demand, fans can register on for the opportunity to secure court reservations or participate in the amateur tournament. Details regarding ticket sales for the professional tournament will be announced soon by the organizer.

The outfield of Fenway Park will host twelve temporary courts available for rent in 80-minute slots, accommodating groups of up to 10 players of all skill levels. Spectators can enjoy concessions while taking in the action.

Aspect Details
Event Dates July 13-16, 202X
Location Fenway Park, Boston, MA
Organizer Pickleball4America (Pickle4)
Activities Professional and amateur tournaments, open play
Court Setup Twelve temporary courts in the outfield
Court Rental 80-minute increments, up to 10 people per court
Registration Required for court reservations and amateur tournament on
Ticket Sales Professional tournament tickets details to be announced
Spectator Amenities Concessions available during matches
Corporate/Group Bookings Contact [email protected] or call 617-226-6624
Ballpark Series Locations Fenway Park (Boston), Oracle Park (San Francisco), Coors Field (Denver)
Official Sponsor Flexcar
Event Status Pending final licensing approval from the City of Boston


Fenway Park embark Pickle4’s Ballpark Series, which will also visit Oracle Park in San Francisco and conclude at Coors Field in Denver. This marks pickleball’s first appearance at Fenway Park, following the successful introduction of Topgolf in 2021.

Flexcar, a smart alternative to car ownership, joins as an official sponsor of the Fenway Park Ballpark Series. Final approval from the City of Boston is pending for this exciting event.

Pickleball Event at Fenway Park

News in Brief: Pickleball Event at Fenway Park

Fenway Park in Boston will host a transformative pickleball event from July 13 to 16 as part of Pickleball4America’s Ballpark Series. This collaboration aims to capitalize on pickleball’s surging popularity by featuring professional tournaments, amateur competitions, and open play sessions.

Fans eager to participate can register on for court reservations and amateur tournaments, with ticket details for the professional games coming soon. The venue will boast twelve temporary courts in the outfield, available for rental in 80-minute slots, accommodating all skill levels. Corporate and group bookings are available, and Flexcar joins as a key sponsor pending Boston’s final approval.

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