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Kingsport’s Fun Fest to Feature Pickleball Events

Kingsport’s Fun Fest to Feature Pickleball: Pickleball, the sport swiftly gaining acclaim as the fastest-growing entertaining activity nationwide, is currently in the spotlight with a multitude of events and tournaments capturing enthusiasts’ attention.
One such eagerly anticipated event is Kingsport’s “Pickle in the Park” tournament, hosted by the city’s Parks and Recreation Department as part of its renowned Fun Fest. Taking place at Riverview Park on July 19-20, this tournament offers a vibrant showcase across 11 divisions, providing  to various age groups and skill levels. Against the scenic backdrop of Riverview Park, players and spectators alike can anticipate thrilling matches and spirited competition in the dynamic world of pickleball.

Program Administrator, Renee Ensor explained that the Park is bringing back ‘Pickle in the Park’ tournament, showcasing pickleball’s appeal to players of all ages and abilities.

“Pickleball is a great sport for all ages and skill levels that combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong, We’re certain our tournament will bring out some of the best pickleball players in our region to compete for the top prize.”- (Renee Ensor)

Registration, priced at $40 per team, requires only one member to sign up, with partners listed during checkout. Game times vary by division, ensuring a modified experience for each participant.

Aspect Details
Tournament Name
Pickle in the Park Pickleball Tournament
July 19-20, 202X
Riverview Park, 300 Louis St., Kingsport, TN
11 divisions including 55+ mixed doubles, youth 14 and under, 55+ doubles, intermediate and advanced mixed, beginner, intermediate doubles, and advanced doubles
Registration Fee $40 per team
Registration Process
Register as a team; list partner’s name during checkout


Kingsport's Fun Fest to Feature Pickleball

News In Brief: Kingsport’s Fun Fest to Feature Pickleball

Kingsport’s Fun Fest is set to host the highly anticipated “Pickle in the Park” pickleball tournament at Riverview Park on July 19-20. Featuring 11 divisions catering to various age groups and skill levels, the event promises competitive excitement. Renee Ensor from the Parks and Recreation Department highlighted pickleball’s broad appeal and expects the best competition.


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