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Renton Park in Plum Shines with New Pickleball Courts

Renton Park in Plum Shines with New Pickleball Courts: Located in Plum’s Renton neighborhood, Renton Park has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming a cherished community space following a $750,000 upgrade. Central to its revitalization are the newly added pickleball courts, which resonate with the rhythmic sounds of play on any given morning. Supported by substantial grants, the park’s improvements also include a range of amenities such as playgrounds, walking trails, and upgraded parking facilities. Residents like Barbara Addison and Rodger O’Toole laud the park’s enhancements, highlighting its appeal for all ages. Councilman Skip Taylor shows the community’s enthusiasm and future plans for further park expansion, reflecting a commitment to fostering active and inclusive recreational space

Community Impact and Local Reception

Barbara Addison, a resident of Holiday Park, about ten minutes away, often finds herself at these courts with her pickleball group, which usually plays at the YMCA. “On nice days, we come here,” she said. “People like to play in the morning because it’s cooler.” On this particular Thursday morning, with all courts occupied, Addison waited her turn, praising the borough’s efforts: “They did a beautiful job. I think it’s lovely. They did a terrific job. I was very impressed.”

Phases of Park Improvement

The revival of Renton Park unfolded in three phases, with grants covering approximately 40% of the costs, or $294,000, according to borough Manager David Soboslay. The improvements included a new children’s playground, walkways, and parking lots on either side of the basketball court, replacing the previously undefined parking areas.

Features and Facilities

A small walking trail, bocce court, and permanent cornhole boards were also added, along with extensive grading and stormwater improvements. The basketball court was resurfaced and the surrounding fence repaired. The final phase, completed in 2023, saw the public works department build a retaining wall and prepare the area for the pickleball courts, along with adding electric service to the park’s pavilion. The last addition was a durable precast restroom, installed this spring near the pickleball courts. “That will probably outlast this park,”We’ll never have to mess with it.” remarked Councilman Skip Taylor, who chairs the borough’s parks and recreation committee.

Community Feedback and Future Plans

Although the courts were finished in the fall and saw some early use, this is their first official season.

“I’m so glad when I drive by here and I see it full and people using it, It was worth the tax dollars paid.” -( Skip Taylor )

Taylor highlighted that having the borough’s public works crews build the retaining wall saved about $100,000. The array of activities now available at the park aims to cater to all ages. “We’re proud of it. We really are,” he said.

On the same day, Colleen Prokopik of Plum observed several retired teachers playing pickleball, with all activity centered around the new courts. Later, two boys were seen riding bikes before heading to the swings. “It’s just wonderful to see people outside,” Prokopik said.

Rodger O’Toole, a Briarwood neighborhood resident, praised the new facilities. Having played pickleball for less than a year, he was encouraged by a friend to try it. “I think it’s beautiful. They are very nice courts,” he said, addressing Taylor. “This is a success. I’m very proud of what you guys did here.”

While the Renton Park project is now complete, Taylor emphasized that the borough’s development of recreational facilities isn’t over. “I don’t foresee this being the end of our growth for parks,” he said, anticipating further growth with the borough’s expanding population.

Looking ahead, Taylor noted the ongoing challenge of maintaining the baseball fields at Plum Creek Park amid frequent flooding. “It’s all we have. We have to maintain it,” he mentioned. “We have to work around Mother Nature as much as we can.

With pickleball’s popularity still on the rise, Taylor mentioned potential plans for more courts in the Rustic Ridge neighborhood. “I don’t see that going away,” he said. “All ages can play it.”

Renton Park stands as a testament to community investment and passion for outdoor recreation in Plum. As residents like Skip Taylor and Colleen Prokopik express their delight and pride in the park’s revitalization, it becomes clear that these improvements have not only enhanced local quality of life but also develop a sense of community spirit.

Renton Park in Plum Shines with New Pickleball Courts

News in Brief: Renton Park in Plum Shines with New Pickleball Courts

In Plum’s Renton Park, recent upgrades including new pickleball courts have transformed the 2.5-acre space into a vibrant community hub. With a $750,000 investment, the park now features enhanced amenities like playgrounds, walking trails, and parking, supported largely by grants. Residents, including Barbara Addison and Rodger O’Toole, have praised the improvements, enjoying the cooler morning play and new facilities. Councilman Skip Taylor highlights community satisfaction and ongoing plans for park expansion, aiming to meet the recreational needs of Plum’s growing population while navigating challenges like flood-prone baseball fields. The revitalized Renton Park stands as a testament to community engagement and public investment in recreational infrastructure.

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