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New Pickleball Courts in Hoover: A Game-Changer for Residents

New Pickleball Courts in Hoover:  Pickleball courts are experiencing unprecedented demand as interest in the sport soars. The rise in popularity has led to a sky-high demand for courts, reflecting a community increasingly drawn to this dynamic and engaging activity.

The buzz around pickleball has just hit a new high in Hoover. Local and Shelby County officials gathered at Veterans Park on Valleydale Road to celebrate the grand opening of eight brand-new pickleball courts on a bright Wednesday morning. This marks a significant milestone in the city’s recreational offerings.

The courts, which officially opened in April, have quickly become a hot spot for the community, according to Hoover Parks and Recreation Director Erin Colbaugh. The demand for more pickleball courts has been on the rise, and the city has taken a significant step in meeting this need.

Mayor’s Vision

Mayor Frank Brocato expressed the city’s long-standing desire to introduce more outdoor pickleball facilities. Mayor Brocato noted that one of the most frequent requests from residents is to build more pickleball courts. He added that this new facility is the city’s first dedicated effort and described it as a phenomenal achievement.

“That’s probably one of the biggest requests we get in the city is to build more pickleball courts, This is our first go at it, and I think it’s a really phenomenal facility.”-( Frank Brocato )

Previously, the city had repurposed some tennis courts near Simmons Middle School into six pickleball courts, but these are Hoover’s first courts built specifically for pickleball from the ground up.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Mayor Brocato highlighted the importance of these courts in enhancing the quality of life for Hoover’s residents & mentioned- “We talk a lot about quality of life for our citizens, We spend a lot of money and a tremendous amount of effort making sure that we have amenities for our young folks, and you’ll see a lot of young folks out here [at the Veterans Park pickleball courts] as well, but this is a particularly attractive sport to people over 55. We have a really large population in our city that enjoy this particular sport. My wife is one of them. She’s already been out here playing and bragging about it. When we talk about quality of life, it’s not just for the kids; it’s for everybody.” he added.

Brocato also extended his gratitude to the Hoover City Council and Hoover Parks and Recreation Board for their support. “We look forward to expanding on facilities like this throughout the city and making sure our citizens enjoy the recreational activities they certainly deserve.”

Future Plans

Looking ahead, the city is exploring funding options to add 24 more outdoor pickleball courts at the Hoover Metropolitan Complex. While the state Legislature has committed $1 million and the Jefferson County Commission has pledged $300,000, the total estimated cost is $3.5 million. City officials are assessing potential allocations in the fiscal 2025 budget. “It’s a work in progress,” Brocato remarked.

Hoover Council President John Lyda commended Mayor Brocato for his foresight in promoting pickleball. “Few sports in recent memory have attracted people from all ages and abilities like pickleball, Lyda said. City officials have a strong desire to find ways to create camaraderie and a sense of community for residents and visitor.” he mentioned.

Funding and Construction

The eight new pickleball courts and additional parking spaces, costing $1.3 million, were funded jointly by Hoover and Shelby County, with contributions of $900,000 and $400,000 respectively.

Hoover & Shelby County Spark with New Pickleball Courts

Shelby County Commissioner Jeff Brumlow expressed his joy in partnering with the city of Hoover on the pickleball courts and witnessing their construction over the past year. He mentioned that when he drove by the courts at 8 a.m. on his way to church Sunday morning, they were already packed.

News in Brief: New Pickleball Courts in Hoover

Hoover and Shelby County officials celebrated the opening of eight new pickleball courts at Veterans Park on Valleydale Road. Open since April, these courts have quickly become popular. Mayor Frank Brocato highlighted the city’s effort to meet the growing demand for pickleball facilities, noting the courts’ role in enhancing quality of life, especially for residents over 55.

Future plans include adding 24 more courts at the Hoover Metropolitan Complex, pending additional funding. The project, costing $1.3 million, was a joint effort between Hoover and Shelby County. Commissioner Jeff Brumlow praised the partnership and noted the courts’ popularity.

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