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Pickleball Expansion at Pine Nursery Park on the Horizon

Pickleball Expansion at Pine Nursery Park: Pickleball’s popularity is growing daily, expanding its reach and driving a skyrocketing demand for courts. As interest in the sport grows, so does the urgency to meet this expanding demand.

Pickleball fever is spreading in Bend as plans unfold to expand the sport’s footprint at Pine Nursery Park. Bend Park and Recreation District, in partnership with the Bend Pickleball Club, is set to add eight new courts to the existing 16, responding to soaring demand.

Mark and Karen Strakbein, regulars at Pine Nursery, have witnessed the courts’ popularity firsthand. “We’ve been here when almost every court has been filled.” Mark noted during a recent afternoon session.

Matt Mercer, the recreation services director for BPRD, observed that public use of the pickleball courts has significantly increased, not only in numbers but also in diversity of participation. He noted that the sport is no longer predominantly favored by older adults.

“Public use of the pickleball courts has grown greatly and grown not just in numbers, but the diversity of the use has grown, It’s no longer kind of an older adult sport.” -( Matt Mercer )

The $800,000 expansion project, co-funded by BPRD and the Pickleball Club, aims to ease overcrowding and cater to a burgeoning player base. Club President Kirk Foster expressed optimism about the expansion’s potential to accommodate more enthusiasts, while also eyeing future initiatives to further integrate pickleball into Bend’s recreational fabric.

“It’s something we’ve needed for a long time, Having more room would allow us to accommodate more players.” -( Kirk Foster )

Karen Strakbein pointed out that while there are two other courts in town where players need to bring their own net, this doesn’t guarantee others will be available to play. She emphasized that a enjoyable aspect of pickleball is arriving at the court and being invited to join a pickup game.

“There are two other courts in town, but you got to bring your own net. And when you bring your own net, that doesn’t mean somebody else will be there, One of the fun parts of pickleball is that you get here and somebody asks you to play and you just have a pickup game.” -( Karen Strakbein)

“Construction is estimated to be around $800,000 and of that the Park and Recreation District is funding half of that,The Pickleball Club will be funding $400,000.”-(mercer)

With construction slated for 2025 pending fundraising efforts, the Bend Pickleball Club is gearing up for initiatives to secure the necessary funds. “We’ll be doing various fundraisers, We’re hoping to have it all when Bend Park (and Rec) starts the actual construction in 2025.” Foster confirmed, underlining their commitment to enhancing local pickleball infrastructure.

Other Venues of Pickleball in Bend

1. Fort Rock Park ( 18 Courts )

2. Widgi Creek ( 10 Courts )
3. NPJ Sports Zone ( 4 Courts )
4. Bend Senior Center ( 1 Court )

Pickleball Expansion at Pine Nursery Park1

News in Brief: Pickleball Expansion at Pine Nursery Park

Pickleball excitement is on the rise at Bend’s Pine Nursery Park, where plans are underway to expand the courts from 16 to 24 in response to growing demand. Mark and Karen Strakbein, frequent players, have seen firsthand how popular the courts have become.

Matt Mercer of BPRD notes a significant increase in public use, now more diverse in age and interest. The $800,000 expansion, shared by BPRD and the Pickleball Club, aims to ease overcrowding. Club President Kirk Foster anticipates accommodating more players and enhancing community integration. Fundraising efforts are underway for construction starting in 2025, solidifying local commitment to pickleball.

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